Critique Of A Public Speaker Course Work Sample

Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:32
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1. How well does Ric Elias support his ideas? Give three examples of how he does this.

Ric Elias supports his ideas through demonstrations that he makes during his speech on matters pertaining the points that he wants to make. When Ric is putting across the point of being a good parent and loving his life, he gives a story about himself whereby, he says that he found himself crying after watching his daughter perform and art. This shows how good he is to his daughter by going to watch her present. Ric puts across the idea of eliminating negative energy from his life. He supports this idea by saying that he has never fought with his wife after implementing the idea. When talking about the matter of postponing, Ric shows to the audience the negative effects of postponing. In his narration, he started thinking of the experiences that he wanted to have in but never had. All this happened because he thought that life would end instantly without expectation. His idea was about being prepared always in life. Ric puts across his point on time wasting and supports it through the demonstration that he gives about his life with his wife. He talks about wasting a lot of time on things that matter with people who matter.

2. How did he begin and end the speech? Did the beginning and end reinforce the central idea of his message? How did they do this or not do this?

The beginning of the speech was appropriate. Ric captures the attention of the audience whereby he tells them to imagine of a big explosion as you climb a 3000ft. The audience is put into a quagmire trying to think about the solution to the situation, which seems tough. Through this, the audience becomes attentive wanting to know more on the same. In the end of the speech, Ric wants the audience to imagine how they could come to a solution if they experienced the same. The beginning and ending of speech is relevant in reinforcing the central idea of the speech. This is because they always talk about being prepared in life due to situations that are beyond human capability.

3. What was Ric Elias's delivery method? Was this or was this not an effective method?

Consider each of the aspects of his voice. Discuss how each of the "Speaker's Voice" aspects contributed to the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of his delivery. Discuss how each of the "Speaker's Body" aspects contributed or distracted from his delivery and the message.

Ric used the method of 'reciting from memory' to give his speech. He spoke impromptu without referring to any written material. According to then speech by Ric, reciting from memory is an effective method of giving the speech. This is because the audience effectively absorbed the ideas that he wanted to put across. During the speech presentation, Ric uses suspense to keep the audience eager wishing to know more about how he managed to survive. He uses facial expression when giving his speech to put across his points clearly to the audience. Example, when he demonstrated the sound that was coming from the engine. Ric uses tonal variation to put across the important ideas that need emphasis. He varies his tone when he talks about eliminating negative energy. The audience becomes keen to listen because of tonal variation. He also applies the sense of humor in his speech. Fun makes the audience happy and not bored by the speech. Example, Ric says that he was listening to his little daughter, who is not much artistic present.

4. Rick Elias did not use PowerPoint in his speech. Would the addition of PowerPoint have enhanced or detracted from his delivery and the message?

Use of PowerPoint would have detracted his speech. The audience would concentrate much on reading and watching leaving behind listening. The message is passed effectively when recited by Ric comparing to how the audience would get it when he uses PowerPoint. Use of PowerPoint would end up wasting time that has utilized better in presenting.

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