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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:39
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Linda Hogan who is one of the prolific writers have developed different papers some of which dwells entirely on her life journey towards finding her bliss. In article titled Rendezvous with Bliss, Hogan is depicted as a strong lady who did everything she could in order to deliver herself from life problems such as lack of parental love she encountered while she was still young. Actually, at one point in life, we see Hogan getting into marriage with an older man who was twice as old as she simply because she was longing for somebody who could show her love and she finds Robert as the perfect one who can show her the type of love she had missed. However, the fundamental purpose of this paper is to provide a critical and comprehensive summary of the two articles: “Rendezvous with Bliss and Healing and Bliss”
My peer review for Rendezvous with Bliss
Just to begin with, it is prudent to note that this article examines the life journey of Linda Hogan towards finding love which she had missed simply because of losing her parents while still young. The article pinpoints all the problems that Hogan went through.
In the introduction, we see the author creating irony by moving from love to depicting pain which Hogan went through in her entire life. For instance, the author introduces the article by saying that “this book is about love”. This makes the reader expects to see more romantic words than words associated with pain. However, we see the author swiftly shift from love to pain and suffering that Hogan experienced.
However, I would like to criticize the author for his use of grammar. There are certain circumstances where the author has broken grammar. For instance, “she reminds that Indians will never forget their history, she is in a coma and wakes up in the hospital almost three weeks later.” These mistakes have been seen in paragraph four and five. Another area that worth criticism is how the author concludes his article. The reader would like to see situation where Hogan finally finds justice and he is delivered from his problems. However, we see the opposite at the end since Hogan finally see Robert as being old whose main intention is to get a child without necessarily being able to satisfy all her love needs.
My peer review for Healing and Bliss
Just like the first article, this second article also examines the life of Linda Hogan. The introduction of this article is great since it try to capture the attention of the reader. For instance, the readers are interested to continue reading the story so as to find out the memoirs of Linda Hogan. In addition, the title of the paper was well thought about since it supports the main idea of this paper. It enables the reader to have a rough idea of what the paper will be all about.
The analysis of the main point is vibrant throughout the paper. For instance, he is able to connect the main idea, quotations and examples in a manner that ensures that the main argument of the paper is taken care of. The use of examples throughout the paper is great because they emphasize the main argument in the paper.
The development of the paragraphs in this article was also great. The author ensured that each paragraph had its own idea and that it emphasizes the idea of the initial paragraphs. This is remarkable since it shows the ability of the writer to deliver a flawless paper.
In terms of grammar, I would recommend the author for the great job he did in ensuring that no major grammatical mistakes are in the paper. While I was reading through the paper, I have not been able to come across any major grammatical mistakes. This implies that the author was very keen while writing this article. On the other hand, the use of vocabulary words is remarkable. The choice of vocabulary words was in line with the main idea of this paper.
Conclusion too was great since it provide a summary of what has been discussed in the paper. This is the real function of the conclusion. Despite awesome work done by the writer, I would like to state that some mistakes were noticed in the paper. For instance, the writer repeated some points across the paper which I think does not augur well unless if the writer wanted to emphasize some points. Another problem noticed is that of preparing the reader to the conclusion, I think it is not appropriate for the writer to conclude by saying that “in conclusion”.
Hogan, Linda. Power. U.S.A: W W Norton & Company Incorporated, 1999.

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