Creative Writing On The Big Kahuna Journal Entry

Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:52
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Quote 1
“Because if you know what you are doing, then you don't have to look like you know what you are doing, because it comes naturally” Larry Mann.
I understand this quote to mean that if I am well knowledgeable, skilled and proficient in what I do, then I do not have to be particularly careful or “look like I know what I am doing”. I can be a bit “carefree” and still achieve good results in my work because I do what I do in a natural and unstrained manner. In my life, these words mean that I should try and master something in such a way that I do not strain to achieve good results.
Quote 2
“Love has a lot of counterfeits” Larry Mann
I take this quote to mean that someone can fake to love someone and get their target to fall prey to their love. This can happen quite often and I think it means that true love is rare. I personally take this quote as a warning that I need to be wary of the genuineness with which someone confesses to love me. I should also treasure the true and genuine friends that I find.
Quote 3
“ Life goes on, the world will spin without you, and you really don't matter in the end”. Phil Cooper.
I consider this quote by Cooper to be nothing but the bitter truth. I think in actual sense no one really matters that much to the world. The world is designed to go on with or without any one particular person. I take this quote to be a humbling reminder to me that I should live in humility and not consider myself overly important to the survival of other people or the world.
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