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Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:40
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Management is a vital organ in a company’s human, financial, technology, and information resources are planned, developed, and controlled effectively and efficiently. Stig Company is a new private company that has been developed recently. It is designed to deliver technology solutions to clients and also assembles computer systems for sale. The Company will have an executive leadership team including senior managers who will make long term strategic decisions, middle managers who will take part in programs and plans for senior managers, operational managers who will carry out daily activities for the company, and other employees who are well trained to offer satisfactory services to customers. The main purpose of Stig Company is to serve customers better, offering quality services and products. Thus, clients value and trust company’s services and its products for it listens and delivers the best. Its strategic plans are to be the leading technology solution provider globally and best assembler of computing systems. For strategic and competitive edge, the company will integrate MIS, supply chain management, and HR to the business processes. This will be undertaken gradually.

Human Resource Management in Stig Company

Stig Company’s mission is to reach customers’ needs despite daily changing technology by delivering technology solutions and assembling of computing systems The company has several competitors who have a famous name in the world and have attracted many customers; but it is striving for success as well since, the technology growth is rapid and economy is improving. In Stig Company, employees managed and organized better for better productivity and performance. There is a caring management style where employees are motivated, trained and managed in a way that they deliver their best to meet company’s mission. Leadership team in this company gives the best directions to other employees in order to perform better where team work is encouraged and multiple skilled employees are recruited.

The goals of the company include; to be a committed provider of services to customers and to offer standard computing systems. The organizational structure of the company includes five departments that include; Human resources and administration, finance, marketing, global operations and technical support, and commercial and service departments.
Stig Company has environmental conditions that are being experienced such as offering services and its products at a lower price compared to their competitors, changing service as the technology change, and training employees to fit with the changing technology as well as outsourcing which is costly.Human resource programs and policies direct the human resource department to procedural and reliable recruitment, employee turnover and employee retention. The company also integrates new technologies in order to improve productivity, quality of service, and increase throughput of a service and delivery of products.

Managers recognize emerging business challenges in the environment and they set the organizational strategy to respond to human and any financial resources in order to achieve the company’s strategy and coordinate activities better. Leadership is exercised in order to manage the challenges faced by the company and formulate actions to any problem.

Management Information system in Stig Company

Stig Company uses information systems for continuity and prosperity in its strategies. Management information system (MIS) helps the company plan, develop, manage, and use information technology so that employees in the company perform their activities effectively and efficiently. Employees of Stig Company are technology literacies, information handling literacies and demonstrate sound work ethics. The company has enough computing systems; hardware and software that enable it to perform services as per customer preferences. Information is secure as it is a vital resource in any company for the MIS has put in place effective system and security controls for all resources owned.

MIS has transformed not only the StigCompany’s economy but also global economy by helping the company to distribute its services and goods to customers all over the world at an effective cost. It has enabled the company have a reliable communication to customers, stakeholders, and suppliers working 24/7 in different nations. It uses the internet for phone calls, telecommuting, social networking technology, and online business transaction, among others.

For the company to achieve its strategies, it has management support for the MIS section that has different responsibilities. They include Chief Information officer, Chief Security Officer, Chief Technology Officer,database administrator, data administrator, operations and technical support offices where Information is protected to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Supply Chain Management at Stig Company

Supply chain management is a source to win a competitive advantage to a company since it integrates all activities in a company that make it marketable enhancing customer satisfaction. All partners in the chain of a company such as vendors, company departments, suppliers and customers are unified enhancing manufacturing, transportation, inventory control, purchasing and distribution become unified. The company uses hardware and software that enable supply chain continuity such as use of Enterprise Resource Planning systems to unify company’s activities that include inventory, human resource, purchasing, transportation, and information management. Its strategic plans are to be the leading technology solution provider globally and best assembler of computing systems

In Stig Company, supply chain management help to achieve company’s strategy by reducing working capital, taking assets off the balance sheet, accelerating cash-to-cash cycles since it helps deliver services to customers, and increasing inventory turns. The company uses Information Technology to reduce cycle time during delivery of products and services to customers for as a competitive advantage factor. Management systems are used to ensure effective and efficient delivery of services and goods to customers.
Stig company also faces challenges that face supply chain management such as outsourcing of employees and re-engineering of products, but it is striving to employ highly skilled employees who can develop new products and solve technological issues with customers effectively.

Link between Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems and Supply Chain Management at Stig Company to become competitive in the market place
For Stig Company to become competitive in the market place, it has linked the three management elements effectively. It has done so by changing organizational behavior such as processes, rules and procedures, developing new business models for the company and improving its organizational structure to ensure effective management. The company has automated all departments to fit in changing world of technology.Aspects of human resource management has ensured competitive advantage by recruiting knowledgeable, highly skilled and competent employees, investing in employee training, encouraging team work, encouraging effective communication between managers and other employees, appraising employees and giving a good package to them, and creating companies structures for employee needs such as coffee shops, sports clubs, among others. The application of these policies has drastically improved employee motivation and increased productivity of service.

Stig Company has increasingly used supply chain to gain an edge over market competition by establishing demand plan where the company gathers information for effective management. The company is rationalizing on best-selling products. Due to globalization, the company has established network design to ensure quick flow of materials over the world and creating better collaboration across the network. Also, due to the cost of employee retention, the company outsources experts but first ensures that all controls are in place. Stig Company has also invested in Enterprise Resource Planning systems and Supply Chain Management systems to ensure manufacturing and distribution of products is unified. This has reduced cost in distribution, improved quality of service to customers, and also met customer needs as required.

Management Information systems are implemented to ensure competitive advantage of the company. It has used online businesses and e-procurement systems to reduce operations and leadership costs. Social networks are widely used and chatting with customers to give quick customer service, forums are ongoing in a company’s website to ensure better service to customers. Also, the company has established global intranet to expand domestic and also international activities. Use of MIS has enabled the company to develop products and deliver technological support to customers that are new and appreciated due to a great innovation. Use of the Internet has improved marketing services of a company where customers get us through internet advertisements by viewing our best products that are unique and up to date technology.

Information systems and company management influence one another thus these management have led to increase market share of the company, customer retention and more new customers, high revenue creation of marketing channel, virtual company establishment, product differentiation thus looking a bit different from other competitors’ product, low cost production of services and computing system distribution, and making customers happy.

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