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Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:35
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For any computer device machine deprived of a firewall, then a personal or company computer has its operating open to attacks and this is considered risky. In recent occurrences, hacked computers have been subject to the passwords cracking, credit card numbers stealing, bank account information fraud, and virtually any sensitive information on stored on the computer becomes accessible to malicious computer hackers. In this case scenario hackers can get in, take what they want, and even leave an opening port they can frequently use to access the information over and over again without the owners noticing.

The first test carried out for this assignment involved the use of essential security software Shields up. This software was used to test my personal computer gave an overview of the ports connected to my computer over the internet. The result showed that my firewall was not up and running since the network firewall permission dialog boxes did not even pop up. This depicts that there is a an open port in my computer open to attack thus notifying me the essential need of a more elaborate and improvised Antivirus software.

The second product of test included the Leak test. The tests intentions and results comprised of the all products analyzed by the AV-TEST which are verified in terms of their routine performance in the classifications of Performance, Usability and Protection. The test conducted on my personal computer depicted the results of the assessments in the area of Repair Performance which were logged in discrete test report files. These tests happened over a longer period of time. The perks of its use I that it duly provided the report on the open port connections while connected to the internet and it also offered an analysis from the inspection of the regular antivirus product I was using on my computer machine. The program also has a component specialized towards cleaning programs.

Another tester referred to as firewhole also had its perks but comparably did not offer much. At first, I recognized that trying to go around things by investigating into low tier level network APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) possibly might not work on all private firewalls and subsequently I might not get away with that malicious approach of attack. Thoughtfully, when one ponders on this idea some more it openly becomes obvious. This entails the features parts of network linked software offers to all of its Internet users who have installed the software program on their systems.

When it comes to entrusted protection software I would inherently believe in the use of an Antivirus which choses to allow unimpeded outbound entrance on at least one port. Well, this program did not offer that much for me. Present programs are encoded to be able to integrate with one’s web browser to able better internet connectivity monitoring. The ZoneAlarm safety program software is additionally advantageous and adequately sufficient to place a nice little dialogue checkbox on the system installation screen which asks an end user if they want to permit their web browser with unrestricted access to the Internet. I believe this a far much essential feature.

Remote access software is meant to allow users to access records or documents on their computer or remotely control it over the internet. One of these programs for discussion is the GOTOmyPC program. The software displays a desktop preview of a host PC to be operated from a client PC that is linked over a TCP/IP network. The perks of using this program includes the use of it in multiple handheld devices like smartphones and tablets which offer applications and encryption standardized authentication protocols for its various users. Another advantage of this program is that it offers multi monitoring support for all client PCs on the network. Additionally, the foremost benefit, file transfers. I would definitely advice the use of this program for company’s and firms given it offers high end encryption services which comprise of a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encoded website with end-to-end 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption and the added feature of the Secure remote password protocol.

On the other hand, pcAnywhere is a set of PC software package programs developed by Symantec. The program permits the end user of the application to access the remote program on a computer which in turn connects to a private PC running the pcAnywhere host program computer. If both are linked to the unified network systems and the authentication PIN or password is recognized and identified successfully then there is a successful login into use of the system. The advantage of the pcAnywhere application is that it is able to run on numerous platforms and operating systems including Linux Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Pocket PC. I would not highly recommend the application since it is susceptible to security breach due to its weak software source code.

TightVNC is a cross-platform remote desktop software program application that utilizes and extends the VNC's RFB protocol to regulate another PC's screen remotely. It is free and open-source. It provides tight encoding and gains full advantage of both the compatibility of various file transfer protocols and the CPU increased performance. I would highly endorse one using this application since it is highly secure.

Firewalls are meant to keep out the intrusive malicious attackers on a personal PC. The Desktop Firewall offers an application control on the network traffic on incoming and outgoing on the personal computer. It permits or denies communication based on the policies set by the end user. It has a limitation of this application is its weakness to compromise and its detection of other safe material as unsafe and malicious.

On the other hand, an Enterprise Firewall is aimed at protecting vital resources like controlled databases, e.g., healthcare, customer, and financial data. Others include web and email servers, data centers, and extranets. It is a proxy-based firewall which provides application visibility, its panels for defense, hinders the newest threats in the system, distributes strong policy-based controls, and eradicates undesirable web traffic. The Enterprise Firewall recognizes users and understands the host applications via computer language actually used to start and establish network connections. It is exceedingly endorsed for companies and big institutions.

The Sygate Firewall is an initiative of the Sygate Technologies technology company. It was an endpoint security when it was introduced. It offered firewall services for automated enterprise discover. Since is discontinuity in the late year of 2005, I would not commend its usage due to its lack of compatibility with up to date platforms and operating systems.
The ZoneAlarm Firewall is a personal and private firewall software program application which comprises an inbound intrusion discovery system, as well as the capability to regulate which programs can generate outbound connections over the internet. The advantages of this application is the multiple features it offers to the end users ranging from the Operating System Firewall scans programs and produces warning signals when they implement and execute suspicious performances on the interconnected network. It also has the True Vector Internet Monitor which monitors internet traffic flow and produces warnings for rejected access. Lastly it has the SmartDefense Advisor which exploits a huge databank of trustworthy program signatures in order to offer the user with additional information upon requests from the program in regards to permitting or rebuffing entrance to the Internet.

The Linksys firewalls is offered at the interface of the various Cisco Linksys routers which are specifically developed intended to permit numerous internet end node devices to link to the internet at one particular time. The device also offers extra features as well to propel the performance and security over the internet given its nature of command prompted configuration and access to multiple network interfaces across an internet connected network.

The experience I got from using the using the ZoneAlarm software was exceptional given its various features that were on offer for free and its additional version features that offered surplus firewall and internet security. I would greatly recommend the use of this security software since it protects one form the intrusion form unwanted connections. It has high level of scanning and detecting viruses. The pro version of the software is offered at a fee and protection from the high-class security software like Kaspersky Lab.


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