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Published: 2021-06-21 23:45:56
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Carbon footprint is generally described as the total amount of greenhouse emissions to the environment caused by a person, a product or an organization. There are several calculators that can be used to measure and gauge the impact of a person’s welfare to the environment. There are several types of carbon footprint calculators, but I would settle for nature conservancy because I feel it would give a more accurate result.

My average carbon print emission is averagely 50 tons of CO2e per year owing to the four cars and relatively large members of my family, housing logistics in terms of electricity usage and other related products, then food which is mostly composed of red meat and dairy products. I strongly believe that this results to some great extent is a reflection of my lifestyle because the component covered are directly relevant and present in my day to day activities.

The website that calculated my carbon footprint was neutral instance but with a slight skewness toward biodiversity. Environmental care is a concern that should be carried by all living things of our time. I suggest that to reduce carbon footprint; biodiversity is the way. That is pursuing of alternative sources of power such as wind and solar energy, reforestation (these methods are commonly referred to as carbon offsetting), of reusing and recycling (Thomas and Jan Minx 55)

However I do not recycle, therefore, I would advocate fully for the other methods, that is carbon offsetting-can be used to reduce the harm done to the environment- as well as reusing and reducing of carbon emissions. Plastic bags and other reusable items are better off given secondary uses other uses rather than dispose them off in the environment.
Calculated Footprints Results

Work Cited

Wiedmann, Thomas, and Jan Minx. "A definition of’ carbon footprint'."
Ecological economics research trends 2 (2007): 55-65.

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