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Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:56
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Corporate social responsibility is also known as corporate conscience or corporate citizenship. It refers to a self initiative incorporated into a business. Various companies have adopted commercial contribution to communal and ecological issues to build their business names. Corporate social responsibility determines various choices a company should make for example; what to buy, and where to invest. Many customers in America and Africa committed in their mind to shop optimistically from certain companies that impact their society. The social media is used as a platform by customers to engage their product and service providers on social issues.
As a result, companies act in response to consumer request for proof of intention by sending their advocates to consumer’s representatives. However, not all companies accept to bear the cost of social responsibility. For companies to market their products and services they have to know their clients well in all areas which would determine the products performance. This would include; behavior, attitude, religion, motivation and socioeconomic factors that affect consumer’s choice. In a bid to market the products, companies should be genuine in their marketing messages. There should be no stereotype in marketing. Clients have shown readiness to work with companies tackle and solve environmental and social problems. Some clients even opt to market the companies they are attached to (Schwartz, 2011).
In some countries, a company or firm endeavors to implement the Corporate Social Responsibility exceeds conformity with the law, in measures that seem to enhance social benefit past the benefit of the company. The company of interest is Elvis which is involved in the production of milk products. There are various way in which corporate can give back to the society or the community surrounding them. This includes:
With the latest innovations in technology, there is enough invention on methods of generating renewable energy. Governments, private investors and technological institutions have started companies with an aim of creating sustainable environment. This aims to make the world safer, cleaner and greener. One of the recent applications of energy conservation is the use of biomass. This is a plant that exists naturally. Companies have come up with ideologies to save energy. For instance a company in Australia has shifted its focus from the manufacture of engines in cars to the use of bicycles and cars with small motors to save energy.
Elvis Company in Toronto has greatly been involved in production of LED lighting appliances in an effort to save energy. This invention has the capacity to save 50% of the energy consumed daily. The LED is used together with solar energy.LED uses the concept of phosphor technology, and therefore effective in provision of light over a large distance. This alternative saves the world from toxic releases produced by other sources of light. It has been a tremendous success in the lighting industry (Kotler and Lee, 2005).
The main aim of a corporate is to create a safer environment. Each company has its own carbon footprint. Therefore, corporate which would be concerned with the protection of the environment would greatly be regarded successful and hence it profit margins would increase. One of the best methods in this is to curb pollution. Companies have devised ways of recycling their waste products. Regulations of operating a business are dynamic in relation to the environment and therefore the company operates within these regulations. Most of the energy used is produced from solar energy. This is a shift from the use of diesel. Elvis Company uses insulators to reduce heat loss. Yearly, the company is involved in tree planting activities in the community. About five thousand trees are planted. Automotives used in the production process are environmentally friendly. The company does not use organic detergents but rather uses water cleaners. Waste products are treated before being disposed. Some of the by-products are recycled while the expired milk is given to pig keepers in the area (Grünewälder, 2008). Heat from the discharged water is recycled and used back again. This helps in reducing expenses and in conservation of energy. After the water is cooled it is then pumped to a nearby land for irrigation. The harvested crops are sold to business people, given to employees or sometimes given to schools. Heat and air conditioners are adjusted during weekends, night and holidays. Brooms are used in cleaning walkways, parking’s and premises rather than using horsing pipes. Chemical reagents are stored away from drainages to prevent chemicals from being drained away to the outsides.
Donations to the community are a way in which Elvis Company has shown its social responsibilities. This is in form of money or spending time with the consumers. Most media houses spend time with their viewers and listeners. This does not only help in marketing but also in giving their fans a sense of belonging. Elvis Company for instance involves its consumers in various competitions where they win awards. It also showcases talent shows, this helps in talent identification in the society especially in music sports and drama. Infrastructure development by Elvis has improved the productivity of the surrounding community. Business cannot thrive in a society; this would result to social instability, poor society would also not be able to purchase goods and services. Elvis provides clean water to the community. This water comes from the borehole that the company drilled to curb water shortage in the community. Two years ago, the company started a children home in the area. Abandoned children have found a place to live. They are fed, clothed and educated courtesy of the company. Elvis is also engaged in the anti-jigger campaign in the community around. This has seen many families benefit from this initiative. Girls in school have benefitted from the sanitary donations from the company. More often the company donates shoes to young children in schools (Banerjee, 2009).
Elvis has started a sponsorship program to students who perform well in their studies in all levels of education. Sponsored students are guaranteed job opportunities by the company after completion of their studies. In general, this has improved the living standard of the community. It has also increased the number of students joining higher institutions of learning. Elvis foundation is meant to empower low income earners and single mothers through small loans to start business. The company strives to employ people from the community around it. This has been a great boost to the economy of the immediate society. The major raw materials used in production come from the communities around. There has been a lot of research going on in the company to get new products. This is done in Elvis Research Institute which was established to help in production of various brands. The company buys milk from the nearby farmers and this has helped farmers to secure small loans at very small interests (Walton, 1967).
Labor is an important factor of production in the Elvis Company. Treating employees fairly, respecting and upholding their ethical issues attract customers and improves production. The best employees who work hard or whose departments perform well are rewarded to keep their morale high. Giving all employees incentives when the company gets profit has made Elvis to succeed in production not forgetting good relationship between the management and the employees has also contributed to the success. Other motivation strategy to the employees includes; career trainings and workshops. Employees should be retained because they are the champions of the business. Working conditions are very important. This includes health, working hours, wages and safety. Elvis has employed more than enough workers to reduce the work load in their outlets, customers do not have to queue for services The Company has built houses for the workers and this has helped the workers to be dedicated to their work.
One of the main pillars of Elvis is the production of high and safer product. Various brands are available to its customer. Complains from customer are given the seriousness they deserve. Customer satisfaction is a priority. Elvis respects the various cultures of its clients not to forget the less disadvantaged in the society. A business with a good corporate social responsibility should fight vices like corruption and bribery. Reports on performance should be availed to the general society for the evaluation of the business. Satisfied consumers or clients help the business to realize greater profit margin (Grünewälder, 2008).
Social responsibilities cannot be achieved fully without the involvement of the stakeholders of the company. This are individuals who have invested in the company and there for entitled to decisions making of the company. There are two kinds of stake holders: involuntary and voluntary. Voluntary cannot withdraw to their wish but involuntary can. Voluntary are more powerful than involuntary. Therefore their ideologies are more considered compared to those of involuntary. Examples of voluntary stakeholders in Elvis Company are the suppliers, employees, customers and managers. Involuntary examples include; society and the environment. Despite voluntary stakeholders being powerful, Elvis cannot do without the involuntary stakeholders. If any of them withdrew, the performance of the company would diminish. They act as check and balances of the company. Due to the many stakeholders, Elvis has assigned duties to them. Elvis uses the stakeholders to enhance social or ethical results. This ensures accountability and transparency. The company therefore strives to resolve any conflict that might arise between the stakeholders or shareholders.
Some companies are only profit oriented while other companies fear the extra expenses that come with social responsibility. Corporate citizenship seems to affect the productivity of Elvis Company as much time is spent planning and implementing it.
In general corporate social responsibilities from various companies around the globe have led to a greater positive impact in the society. It is therefore advisable for all corporate to emulate Elvis in a bid to perform their social responsibility to the society (Banerjee, 2009).
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