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Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:38
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Condoleezza Rice, the United States’ secretary of State experienced several challenges during her childhood; these problems have enabled her understand the nature of human life and the required skills to deal with social evils. She has been at the forefront to end the war at Iraq. Condoleezza believes that many innocent people suffer in times of political conflicts and terrorism attacks. Her exposure to racism and segregation while growing up nurtured her to be strong and endure inhuman acts. She accomplished this through drawing positive lessons from the challenging experiences, and working towards attaining a better future. She believes that people can overcome the human dark side by enhancing unity and protection of human rights.

The experience on bomb blast in the neighborhood at the age of eight, made Condoleezza learn about the existing inhuman behaviors at a young age (Schorn, 2006). The murder of her friends at the church’s bathroom affected her perception regarding the dark side of human life. The children were not politically involved, and it was unfair to suffer in the hands of terrorists. The Birmingham neighborhood was violent, and her parents had to protect her from the social evils. This protection aspect made her wonder why she required such treatment, as she had not committed any crime. Innocent people were killed while conducting their daily activities (Schorn, 2006). Most terrorists argue that they are punishing the government officials by murdering blameless people.

The terrorist attacks enabled Condoleezza Rice gain knowledge on the international social crimes. The worldwide terrorists have similar perceptions and opinions regarding their actions. Coping and overcoming the social crimes can help the world become a better place to live. Many places in the world for instance, Madrid, Britain, and East Asia have experienced similar cases of violent attacks (Schorn, 2006). It is essential for people living in such regions to unite and fight against the enemy. The racism aspect affected Condoleezza’s as a young girl; it broadened her perception on what the marginalized groups undergo in their daily lives. The experiences made her the right candidate to fight against human evils.

Condoleezza’s parents worked hard to provide for her daily needs, and ensured her protection from the violent environment. They shielded her against the humiliations of the racist groups, and made her understand that the social evil activities were not meant to ruin her aspirations. She was an innocent child growing up in a violent community; she understands what children and innocent people go through during terrorist attacks. Condoleezza surpassed these challenges by believing that it possible to end social evilness in the society (Schorn, 2006). Her childhood experience relates to the current violence and terrorist-related occurrences. She believes that it is crucial to fight for the blameless people, who undergo torture in the course of attacks.

The world has different types of people; some people commit inhuman acts for political purposes. Innocent lives suffer in the hands of such violent people. Condoleezza Rice has a personal experience of such social evilness. She was exposed to violent attacks at the age of eight; she lost her innocent friends in a church bombing attack. Rice can relate her childhood experience with the current intercultural events in the world today. She believes that terrorists commit inhuman acts for the same purpose, usually politically inspired. Destroying innocent lives to prove political views shows a high degree of cruelty. Rice believes that the world can conquer the social evils through embracing unity and love for human life.


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