Christian Values: Jesus For President Book Review Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:32
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The book Jesus for President was written by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw. The book is generally a provocative text to what Shane calls the Christian based political imagination. The authors of this book are one of the provocative people that have dared to bring out several concepts Christianity that no preacher has ever dared to say. The context from which Claiborne approaches the current situation on earth is so much critical and relevant to be addressed by every person who needs to see good living for all on earth. Imagining of the conditions that are happening in the world today and more specifically in America where Claiborne and his co-author lay much concern, it is much different and in fact fur much away from ethical and moral expectation of any religious person like Claiborne who is a theology scholar and a man of peace. Claiborne has experienced war though he is a pacifist (Claiborne, 2008). It genuinely fair to the authors of this book to tell the reality about the political imagination that blinds people from seeking their true Savior via righteous actions. It is worth asking where the situation and the practices of human beings are driving them; it is worth asking where humanity has hidden their Christianity values and moral at in the prevailing conditions.
The early age experience of war is the leading concern that drives Claiborne as an advocate for peaceful approaches to understanding and determination of solutions to human problems today. It was at the tender age of 9 that Claiborne lost the war lord (His father who was a veteran Vietnam Warrior) (Claiborne, 2008). This stands as a grounding factor worthy enough to tell every citizen that, as much as their leaders or states promises them of anything of value, the ultimate Savior and true leader is Jesus Christ. A true leader to Claiborne is the one who concerns for every person irrespective of social status or political differences that might exist. It is out of this perspective that Claiborne develops a positive attitude towards dedicating his belief and life to uphold Jesus teachings on peace and taking care of the poor. Claiborne having worked with Mother Teresa at Calcutta build a good relationship with the poor people who to his experience, they adore and admire riches and being flattered by politicians that they put prior to others in terms of assistance. The condition has not changed has several people still belief that their country and president will solve their prevalent problems. This to Claiborne is not rationally true because the ultimate problem solver is Jesus Christ. Claiborne faith which is based on Christianity values and morals is the vital basis for the provocative writing of Jesus for president hence the facilitator of understanding the theme and the intensions of the authors. The general analysis of the prevailing conditions provoked on the text is based on the Christian teachings of Jesus Christ.
Claiborne stands with several Christian values. The three vital values include humility, kindness and peaceful approach to all that human being need. Claiborne exhibit his humbleness by advocating for equality between the human races. He further works with Mother Teresa at Calcutta to give hope to the hopeless in addition to giving assistance services to the poor and the physically challenged. During the war in Bangladesh and had to visit the hospitalized and the homeless. He also stands and fully shows a kind heart to the Bangladesh people when he gave them his time for free and further dares to witness against his own nation for bombing Bangladesh. Claiborne participates in risky acts out of his advocacy for a new political imagination. Peace is a key opener for Claiborne. He moved to foreign lands to seek for peace. He was from the beginning been provoking the American leadership for its blooding engagement on war for the sake of superiority. Claiborne walks his faith in Christ as the ultimate helper and savior of the human race by holding to the Christian values for righteousness (Claiborne, 2008).
The idea that human beings at time are not realistic in their actions is something that is true because it is unrealistic at times to participate in unjustified acts and claim to be blessed. The boasting that God loves or blessed you after winning a war by killing your enemies is unrealistic because God in the Ten Commandments condemns any act of killing. It thus not of wits to live in the world of fantasy expecting things not indicated or related to the scriptures to happen contra to the scriptures or any faith. The idea that a human being at times tend to belief and even behave like serving their leaders more than God is true and should be taken seriously. For instance the way some people refer politicians as son of God is wanting and confused because Jesus Christ is the only person deserving the title according to the Christian faith (Claiborne, 2008). Finally, the idea that as human beings we need to engage rather than disengaging is true and valid because it is common sense that there is safety in numbers.
The idea presented by Claiborne on economics is not valid to some extent because he argues that globalization is detrimental and serves to oppress the poor. It is unimaginable to live without global connection which is brought by globalization. Globalization has much fur reaching benefits than disadvantages as it serves to bring prices of commodities down because of comparative advantage production. The political aspect that Claiborne is reliant as his reference while criticizing the politics of US is of old Jewish leadership which does not cater for the realities of the situation at present (Claiborne, 2008). The book also over opinionated in that it serves to address the concerns of the poor and other marginalized grouping of the society leaving aside the other sector of the society as if they are not children of God.
In my opinion the book is worthy while reading and well presentable in relation to its ideas that serve to uncover and walk for the truth. It is however, very much important to take caution while putting reliance in the book because something about economics and politics are old age and have no chance in the current world. It is also so much exaggerative to assume that it is all the richer or politically powerful people that drive the nation and its people towards dark ends. The book also addresses so many things about Christianity and forgets other faiths including the Muslims and Hindus who are part of the society. Otherwise the book generally preaches well than bias.
Claiborne, S., & Haw, C. (2008). Jesus for president: Politics for ordinary radicals. Grand Rapids, Mich: Zondervan.

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