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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:17
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A change initiative is an important component of the key brilliant strategies that can put any organization on a competitive map. The only requirement is that the Organization’s administration can deliver on their intentions (Hastings, 2004). However, not every organization can do that, and that depends on extensive research on the core success metrics of organizations. According to study by the Harvard Business Review (2008), 25% of employees most of whom serve in the upper echelons of an executive of organizations did fill an online assessment that weighed their firms’ capabilities to deliver change after an initiative proved this as below average. It was based on a pool of more than one thousand companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide. In this study findings, it is evident that 3 out of the 5 of those that filled the questionnaires did agree that the organizations they work for had a major weakness in coming up with a proper implementation of change initiatives. That notwithstanding, there are many success stories in terms of these change strategy initiatives. According to Russell and Jeffrey (2006), these implications lead to the success of a change initiative in the following ways:

The first implication involves the need to establish some urgency when it comes to implementing a change in an organization. It needs the employees to be brought out of their comfort zones, and they should shift their focus from the day to day activities for some time and take part in the change implementation programmes that are taking place in the organization.

The other vital implication is that the organization should immensely develop techniques and programs that are focused on building and guiding the team to make them efficient and dependable. It should be done by making sure that everyone in the team can competently carry out their roles and that there is a team leader that the members can look up to for guidance.

It is hard for a change initiative to be successful unless this is also framed on a vision and proper strategy too. It avoids the efforts of transformation to shift so easily into some form of conflict and wasteful sub-projects that will derail the organization from its main change initiative focus.

Another key implication that should be relevantly established is to ensure that the change initiative is and will be a success in proper and timely as per the existing communication considerations. It demands that the senior leadership should communicate their change initiative strategy to everyone else and they should also be ready to get feedback too.
The other key thing is that the change initiative that works should always be led by a person that came up with the objective and the program. The person should then get to the next task, that of trying to tag everyone who is working on an initiative to make sure they get the concept clearly. This eventually leads to success.

All organizations that need to attain success in implementing change initiatives should think and place a lot of attention on short-term wins. These wins do let the organizations be in the position to avoid the loss of momentum in the longer time goal which is that of attaining a complete change initiative.

The final thing that the organization should opt to do to make sure that the change initiative is a success is to make it be its long term operational factor. It ensures that the employees do have a constant reflection and a good understanding of the ideas that the change has brought.

In conclusion, a change initiative is very vital in rejuvenating an organization. To get it and get right needs, a combination of the factors discussed, above all, of which do try to make all stakeholders dedicated to the change and not to lose focus whatsoever.


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