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Published: 2021-06-21 23:43:37
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There has been an efficient addition to the highly dynamic local travel industry, its Lyft’s app that people use to get to places they desire. Being one of the users of the same, I can testify that to enjoy a safe ride and relaxed journey, lyft is the option to take. First of all I downloaded the app and actually wanted to see how it works. With a friend, we organized town service journey because at first we were not sure how it really works. Going a place is as easy as clicking on the tap that checks the nearest driver and tells you expected wait time. After waiting for some time, the driver came to my exact location and I was able to go where I wanted.
2. Level of safety
In terms of safety, I think the app makes the driver and the passenger feel safer since it minimizes the use of cash and even cards. Whenever people are travelling with cash, there might be dangers like trying to rob and such illegal things that happen especially that time when cash transit is involved. Safety feature is then activated by liability insurance that covers travelers and no worry wherever someone is travelling. In-person driver screening that is done by anybody who wants to operate as a lyft driver creates confidence. Above all, the rating system that every passenger fill through the app ensures operators maintain high standards. The car I got was comfortable and in my second journey that was longer while using the service I slept till I was alerted that I was there.
Comparing with the normal cab, I think this service is the best and the normal cabs should even try to implement such system that can make their operations easier and reliable.. Normal cabs are brown to telling lies and making passengers wait while they don’t know exactly where drivers are. Sometimes it becomes tedious to people and that wastes a lot of time and resources. The mechanism created in the app really establishes trust since the I was able to know exact wait duration and that is what happened. The trust I got has made me a repeat customer to the lyft services through the app I downloaded.
3. Eager about human interaction
As John Zimmer said, people are craving real human interaction whereby they want to see human people and transact with them rather than work online. That’s how they have been brought up and we accept. However, it’s the duty of technology to make them belief and accept what they have not even seen and change ways of doing business. As I was taking my first ride, I had not created that trust of taking an emergency ride with lyft app. However, because of the experience I got from lyft, I can now do anything and take emergency rides with the service. This is the opportunity we have to make people believe otherwise by providing more than they get whenever there is human interaction. Lyft ride really reflected the notion but whenever a traveler uses the service, he will feel comfortable transacting even without human interaction.
4. Your friend with a car tagline
Lyft’s tagline “your friend with a car” is experienced whenever you chose to use the service. It is like many people have the app and at times when I request to be taken somewhere I find out that am driven friendly by people I know. One of the parts is how people are friendly when you are travelling and when you meet your friends coming for you when you click the button. Indeed I have used the service and there is a time I was driven by a workmate who happened to get my request. Their facebook and social media websites has really made it be “your friend with a car” thought the interaction and experience you get. Even if you are not driven by a friend, you create a friend and more friends every time you use lyft.
5. Cooperative human system
As far as am concerned, there is no single system that can alone without incorporating human system. Lyft has tried to be standalone but has also included human system since even the driver and the traveler communicate though phones to ensure that they get each other clearly and since people want to be more human and interact more with human being there is cooperation. To make it more effective, lyft can integrate other existing systems like truecaller to make sure when somebody taps and want to be carried, all contact details including photos are seen for better identification. That will also make the traveler see the driver coming and other interactive features.
6. most important value of ride sharing
Safety is the most important ride sharing lyft offers. Many people are concerned that when they call a cab they might find thugs coming especially at night but that is not the case in lyft rides. Drivers also get concerned by the type of customers they are going for but due to safety features they can work any time. This makes many lyft customers use it due to intrinsic reasons as they are not compelled to do so. They find themselves getting the app and clicking the tap to get dropped to their destination. It is being accepted in many places and am seeing lyft as the innovation that will revolutionalize transport services as it a chance of growing with increase use of smart phones and technology.

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