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Published: 2021-06-21 23:45:18
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Job based interviews are always difficult to conduct and difficult to understand as well . There are two parties involved in a single interview and both of the parties have to be vigilant and effective as far as completing the duties at their parts . Different authors of the world have possessed different concepts about the Job based interviews and scenarios and according to majority of them, it is vital for interviewee to have regular feedback with the interviewer and should make a report on them. It is not matter that a person is selected or rejected, but the thing which has importance is that what feedback got by the interviewee regarding a particular interview . Beth Gilfeather is one of those authors who possessed different techniques and concepts which have to be conduct and perform by an interviewee . There are three different steps which have been defined by Beth. The main perspective of this assignment lies in two different parts. One is about to reshape the networks and then other one is a thank you note. Beth Gilfeather’s analysis in this particular jurisdiction could be extremely important and vital from different standpoints. Let’s now move towards the first section of the report.
First Part
The name of the person, position and organization could be extremely important from the viewpoint of an interview based. William Parker is the name of the Person and the position for which we are interviewing is for Senior Financial Analyst and the organization which we are recruiting is Pyramid Capital. It is important for us to have a complete background of the person in order to make the hiring process effective and transparent as well .
The next thing which used to define here is that why we have chosen the person for the interview and the answer of the same is that we are in need of a person who can work in the finance department and can supervise the activities of the financial and business analysis . We have an idea that the endorsement of the same thing is not at all easy and it requires to have effective information in particular . The main reason which induced us to conduct an interview to the relevant person is its high qualification with effective relevant experience (Uzzi, B. & Dunlap, 2005). The person has the highest degree in Finance with practical certificates as well. We requires a person who can handle all of the financial information of a company in generating a perfect and well organized report, and a person who have relevant experience and qualification could be the one who can handle the project in a perfect and well organized manner . William has the guts and all of the sufficient knowledge to qualify for this particular job and we are extremely confident that William will give his hundred percent efforts to enhance the productivity of the financial department in particular. According to the concept of Beth Gilfeather, it is vital for a company to furnish all the rules and regulations of the company in front of the incumbent at the time of interview in order to prevent from any sort of problem .
Selection of interview based questions is extremely important and vital for an interviewer as it gives an idea to them regarding the capability of the other person in particular. Inevitably, the choice of questions varies from person to person and from positions to positions. We are about to interview for a post of Senior Financial Analyst, hence it is required to have certain questions which are totally reflecting the same thing in particular. Some of the major questions which we will to the candidate is mentioned below
- How long are you in the field of Financial and Investment Analysis?
- How you personally rated your performance up till now?
- What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?
- How you will manage a team of professionals with relevant qualification and experience
- How you will overcome on the challenges which could arise during your job?
- What will be your approach in analyzing the financial competitiveness of the company?
- How you will utilize your previous experience in managing and completing the tasks in our company with perfection?
- What are your expectations from your company?
All of these questions are enough to analyze the capability of the person in doing and accomplishing this particular job with integrity and perfection. The position of the job, which is Senior Financial Analyst, is not an easy job and it requires us to have the people who have sufficient knowledge in particular.
What happened in the interview is the most important question that needed to be asked accordingly and effectively. The interview box would be the most important one in which all of the things would be furnished accordingly. If we hired William, then we will give a thank you note to him with a formal employment letter or Acceptance certificate accordingly. The names which we have to be referred by the incumbent are the people of their last job as they are the one who can enhance the expectation of the personnel accordingly
We will reach accordingly after seeing the resume of the person, especially its qualification and relevant experience in particular.
Post Interview Thank You Letter
William Parker
Dear William
We would like to thank you for giving us your valuable time for the interview section. It was a pleasant meeting with you and it certainly assists us to analyze your capability to conduct the things in a well organized and perfect manner. We are also certain that the interview also assist you to further enhance your interviewing skills and other important thing.
We are currently in the process of analyzing and hiring the right candidate for the position of Senior Financial Analyst and your qualification and experience are up to the mark, however we will further evaluate it according to our need and talk to our management regarding the same and will let you known with the decision within a week.
Once again we would like to thank you to spent your valuable time with us and hop you enjoyed our company and presentation while coming over our premises.
Thanking You
James Anderson
(Manager Recruitment & Talent)
Work Cited
A C "Buddy" Krizan, ‎. M. (2010). Business Communication. Chicago: McGraw Hill.
Uzzi, B. & Dunlap, S. (2005). How to Build Your Network. Accessed January 21,2014

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