Case Study On Employee Behavior

Published: 2021-06-21 23:44:31
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This paper will consider over what the employees behavior should be at all-time. It will also reflect on why this is significant. Last, it will provide benefits for managing a professional performance.
Main Body
Employees need to remain professional outside work for their pride of their job. They need to consider the image that their behavior displays when they are off work. They need to remember how that image could damage their boss or the company, if that image was caught.
Employees that do this will always have a pride within their self. They will feel better about their self-and the job they work. Having a good esteem is essential to a person physical health.
Employees that go around and do destructive behavior in the public, brings attention to the place where they work. If that business is going through a merger, lawsuit, etc, it could weaken that business reputation. Even more depending on the employees position with the company.
Ethics and morals that an employee portrays while working should remain while off the clock, as well. A person never knows who is watching. Again, it the matter of also having respect.
The way a person behaves plays a critical role. This is employers market. They do not have worry or care about making their employees happy. There are countless workers who are looking for jobs. Looking is not the right word. Ready to give a limb is a better expression so a person can understand these dramatic times of this economy.
If a person wants a job in this economy with a company that has a leading name, government, education or any task that can cause scandal they need to think before they act. A person need to be careful on what they post on their social media and when taking pictures. A person need to remember that being drunk in public and create problems, mostly everyone has cell phones with cameras. That is evidence that could nail the coffin to a person career.
It is not saying that a person cannot go out and have fun. It is saying to use their common sense when going out. That who choose not, and lose their government job or their job at prestige hospital, has no one to blame for themselves. No one saying that everyone is perfect; people need to make the choice to learn from their mistakes.
This video, “Representing yourself professional self in and outside of work,” gives insight that is worth listening to. Remember that knowledge is power. Again, a person can have fun but need to have common sense and be ready to face punishment of their actions. This job market has been tight for a few years. A person needs to step up their game, in the competition to get a job. A greater person better said this. “Without ambition one starts nothing. Without a job, one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson(Emerson, )
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