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Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:10
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With the holiday season fast approaching, it will soon be time to consider what gifts to offer to those who matter in our lives. The presentation of these gifts is important as it leaves a lasting impression on the recipient of the gift. The use of gift baskets is one of the most excellent methods available for the presentation of gifts, and our company offers some of the most beautiful baskets, specially made to meet the demands of the corporate firms which may have to deal with bulk presentation of gifts.

Market Opportunity
Many corporate bodies offer holiday gifts to their employees or clients during the holiday season as an appreciation of the rewarding relationships that the parties have. Such gifts are also meant to further strengthen the existing relationships. It would thus be disastrous if this noble intention by the corporate firms would fail simply because of poor presentation of the gifts. Many companies fail woefully in this endeavour simply because the gifts are presented in a poor manner, and instead of cementing relationships, they leave the recipients of such gifts with a sour taste in their mouths, and thus risk alienating clients and employees.
A simple way to overcome this problem would be the use of holiday gift baskets. They present a cheap alternative to the hectic and sometimes tiresome method of using gift wrappers; all that is needed is a gift basket which acts as an attractive package of the gifts. The use of gift baskets also presents a cheaper alternative to gift wrappers, and helps avoid the time wastage that occurs when wrapping gifts the traditional way.
Competition analysis
The use of plastic wrappers, usually with fancy colours for wrapping gifts is an old practice that has been in existence for a long time. However, the advantages presented by the use of gifts baskets make the use of such wrappers uneconomical. Whereas wrappers can only be used once, gift baskets can be used repeatedly and for different occasions. The gift recipients can also utilise them for other decorative purposes such as wall hangings or even to send gifts to other individuals. The uses of gift baskets therefore present much better possibilities than the use of wrappers.
Our Model
We offer several attractive packages to companies which wish to strengthen their business relationships through gifts packaged in gift baskets. The baskets are made some of the most skilled, creative and imaginative designers who will deliver personalized gift baskets specific to your preferences. The baskets will be custom made to best suit your budget and occasion.
There are three price ranges depending on the quantity ordered. For orders up to twenty gift baskets, a price of $65 will be offered, for orders between twenty one and fifty gift baskets, the price will be a considerate $55 while for orders for fifty one or more baskets, a price of $50 is offered.
These price ranges are most competitive, and the quality of baskets delivered will indeed make a fitting mode of gift delivery for whichever occasion the gift will be intended. And since gifts are made to reaffirm commitments to relationships, business or otherwise, a gift basket will ensure that such an endeavour will never go wrong, and will contribute significantly to healthy relationships currently and in the future.

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