Business Plan On Vision And Mission Statement

Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:52
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After the process of analyzing the values and beliefs of the nonprofit agency as well as its ultimate goal in the community, the following vision statement was formulated;
A community endowed in training and sufficient security as well as ensuring accountability and high response in a safe society.
Consequently, the mission statement was also modified to cover the plans of the organization in achieving the vision which also puts emphasis on the new projects in the Township of Goodness Fall. The mission statement is;
Availing the relevant equipments and training to uphold security and enhanced communication in the society to the administration and the people.
The beneficiaries of the agency’s achievements will be the administration of the township as well as the whole community of the Township of Goodness Fall. It is also evident that both the vision and mission statements are concise in their nature since they have been able to sum up the comprehensive values and operations of the agency in very few words. The vision is very brief and yet it provides the reader with the ultimate goals of the agency as well as its values. The mission statement is also efficient in providing the action plan to be adopted in order to achieve the vision of the agency and also describes the beneficiaries of the projects to be done by the organization (Geever, 2012). The vision and mission statements also reflect the organization’s values and beliefs. From both statements we can be able to deduce that the organization believes in the provision of safety in the society. It is also easy to establish that the agency also has the values of accountability as well as high response in its work of the society. The organization’s commitment in providing the public good is also depicted in both the mission and vision statements.
Both statements have touched about security which is the public good to be provided by the agency. Hence, the mission and vision statements demonstrate the commitment of the agency in the provision of security to the community. The power of a mission and vision statement is based upon the provision of their goal to their respective beneficiaries. As in this case, the mission and vision statements are powerful since they represent the objectives of the agency and how they will be achieved to the beneficiaries (Smulders, 2011). However, some minimal changes would be inevitable in ensuring that the developed mission and vision statements for the agency are clear, concise, reflects the values, beliefs and the commitment of the agency in offering the public good and is also powerful. To begin with, in order to ensure more clarity of the mission and vision statements, it would be prudent to work with the entire fundraising committee of the agency to ensure that the views of every member are brought to the table. This would be effective in drafting a clear mission statement and the vision statement for the organization.
Clarity can also be achieved by making use of simple language to formulate the vision and mission statements as this would be comprehended by everyone. Consequently, in order to improve the brevity of the mission and vision statements there would be a need for a reduction of the number of words used in both statements. This would also be achieved by having a summary of the agency’s goals and values so as to consolidate them into one. Conversely, changes that would be made to ensure that the mission and vision statements reflect the values and beliefs of the agency would be to incorporate more values and beliefs of the agency into the statements.
However, this would also lengthen the statements and thus it would be important to check the use of comprehensive words that consolidate more of the values together. In adding more weight to show how the agency is committed to serving the public good to the beneficiaries it would be essential to give more emphasis on the public good which in this case is security. This should be emphasized in both statements so as to produce the desired effect. Finally, changes that would be necessary so as to make the vision and mission statements more powerful would be first to ensure an involvement of all the members of the fundraising committee in the township (Levinson, 2009). This would make it possible to have suggestions from all members so as to formulate powerful mission and vision statements.
Needs of Township of Goodness Fall:
- Funding for the installation of 18 street lights in the high crime neighborhood
- Provision of new computers to the police department
- Providing the police with motorcycles
- Offering telephones to the police
- Availing 12 bulletproof vests to the township police
- Repairing and replacing broken windows in the neighborhood
- Getting a new truck for the fire department
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