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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:12
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In most democratic nations, the executive, legislature and judiciary are the three government arms/branches (Hamilton, 13). They carry distinctive roles that are essential to the government functioning. They work closely together to ensure smooth running of the government.
The executive
The president and the vice president together with the cabinet form the executive. Different governments have a different executive structure. In the USA, it also constitutes several departments like the state, Interior, education, defense and Transportation. The president appoints the several secretaries to head the different government departments. The executive mandate is to implement, enforce laws and facilitate daily government operations.
The Legislature
The legislature is the arm of the government that makes and passes laws. It constitutes the members of the August house. Every government has a distinct number of representatives of the legislature often determined by the country’s population. In the USA, the legislature consists of the House of Representatives common referred to as the lower house and the Senate (Storey, 22). The legislature also has the mandate to allocate funds for running the USA federal government.
The judiciary
The judiciary is the arm of the government that interprets and protects the law. Its structure is different among nations. However, in the United States of America, the judiciary consists of the Supreme Court which acts as the highest judiciary organ. Moreover, the federal court hears cases from different states. The Supreme Court consists of nine Justices who enjoy lifetime appointment. The president appoints the Justices who are then confirmed by upper House. Judiciary is also mandated to offer an oversight over the other two arms of the government thereby shielding them from interference by other organs.
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