Book Review On Magical Realism In One Hundred Years Of Solitude

Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:19
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Marquez does not embrace the clear-cut way of narration. There is a rough sketch of happenings between the time of founding the town, time of collapse; the Buendia’s clan genesis and its destructions. Marquez keeps on moving forth and backward and does not come clear on time. He thus creates a sense of informality and mythic feeling of a history. Though in the very first episode he talks of the Macondo gypsies who bore the technological innovations that were miraculous to the people of this isolated village, it is still had to believe it for in the first statement he puts it that colonel Aureliano Buendia’s execution was to take place in future. This gypsy’s story goes up to when Jose Arcadio Buendia first saw ice. This can bear some reality in it for we are not sure of the history of these 100 years. Secondly, during those early days of forming Macondo, several things had no names. Also, when Sir Francis Drake attacked Riohacha in 1568, Ursula’s great-grandma was still alive which can give us the account of events ( Marquez, 47).
There is also confusion and blurring of reality from the indefinite framework of events, chronologically. The gypsies’ arrival in town is pegged to Colonel Aureliano Buendia’s memories and not historical facts. A problem with memorial accounts here is that there is a possibility of assuming dream-kind of equalities and can as well e subjective. One hundred years of solitude, there I think it will be prudent if I saying that reality is displayed inform of human memory and fantasy. I find it hard to believe on normal circumstances that people should live this long i.e. the way very many characters are living; rains also fall for very long periods without stopping; some years pass by without even being mentioned. Sometimes it becomes hard to separate fiction from the historical account; but in case there is truth, then, it is dependent on the human fantasy and memory as well.
Another fictional element can be traced from the beginning whereby many things are being named just like it is in the bible. It can be a fictional story of the undying quest of the human for knowledge through Jose Arcadio Buendia.( Marquez, 11)
Márquez also says that he fought until he got the tone that like his grandmother’s (Marquez, 138). Due to his ability to flawlessly combine fiction with truth, he collectively depicts the culture and views of black Americans. Through this art, he makes some situations which on normal circumstances would have been difficult to fathom and displays them in an understandable manner.
Also, the twist in the political and historical events uniting with the supernatural elements do fascinates and it is not easy to realize. The story about Buendia family as well as the settling in Macondo appears pragmatic in spite of shocking happenings. In addition to this, the coexistence of indigenous traditions in Latin America, the legends and the current advances in technology shades some light on the reality of the western culture. ‘’I believe in Latin America everything is real’’ (Marquez, 69)
Works cited
Márquez, G. G. One Hundred Years of Solitude. Gregory Rabassa. New York: Harper, 1991.

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