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Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:28
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Barcelona restaurant group comprises of a chain of seven bars located in Atlanta and Georgia. The restaurant offers sophisticated services to customers through provision of European delicacies and Spanish wines. The chain of restaurants is known for its high quality services, and unique management skills. Barcelona strategy is not limited to the provision of good food, as it aims to offer high quality services in hospitality: clean restrooms at affordable prices. This characteristic exempts the hotels from other competitors and attracts new customers.

The managers at Barcelona have two ways to control the financial performance of the hotels. They aim to minimize costs and maximize profits. The profits increase when employees deliver quality products in the total dining experience. The qualified staff offers quality services hence minimal chances of errors. This cuts down on costs of hotels, and enables managers to control the financial performance. Maintaining customers’ loyalty enables a business to be productive hence increasing profits (Epstein, 2004, p.15).

A balanced score card is an approach used to measure the corporate performance of a firm. It focuses on financial measures, the customer knowledge on the company’s products, growth, and internal business processes (Bourne, 2007, p.11). Barcelona needed to ensure consistent quality across the board, and through the restaurant reviewers, the hotels acquired relevant information that helped them correct mistakes and be successful. The 120 aspects of dining experience rated the qualities of Barcelona’s services, and this identified the key areas that required improvement.
Barcelona aims to maintain quality and get profit, but never to sacrifice quality for more money. The hotels make profit due to their high quality services, and this promotes growth of the industry. Customer satisfaction is vital for the development of any business, and Barcelona aims to maintain good relations with the customers. Offering the tasty inexpensive mojitos has earned the customers’ loyalty for this chain of hotels.

The four steps of a feedback control are:

- Formatting data is the second stage in the feedback control: an individual arranges information according to the required specifications.
- The third step involves reviewing of the information collected, and arranging the issues according to the urgency of attention.
- The final step entails preparation of answers that suit a business firm. The management should be aware of what to incorporate in decision-making and what to avoid.

Barcelona followed the four steps of the feedback control in developing the quality of service, and the performance of the employees. The emails from family and friends addressed to Barcelona go to Pforzheimer, and together with other managers, they collect important information from the messages. Pforzheimer focused on going round the hotels advising the staff members and getting information from customers.

It is essential for the organization to look into other issues affecting the business, other than financial measures. Factors such as working environment, customer relations and price for the company’s products contribute to the success of a firm. Control by the management team ensures effective performance of activities by a business entity. The feedback control model enables a firm to rectify the weaknesses, and aim to improve on its strengths. Maintaining a pleasant public image should be the goal of any business as it enhances achievement of targets.
Balanced Scorecard


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