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Published: 2021-06-21 23:45:49
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Cause of Bacon’s Rebellion

This is the war against the Indian tribe traders and Virginia Government, which was led by Nathaniel Bacon, an immigrant in Virginia. One of the many reasons why the war exploded is that settlers in the western part of Virginia were asking protection from the government against the Indian traders as there were kidnappings and killings that happened during the trading period. Indian tribes were Virginia’s trading partners, who gave an extra income to the government and to Governor Berkeley and his associates themselves.

This was the main reason why the Governor did not want to act against the Indians that pushed the settlers led by Bacon to get the matters into their hands. In addition, Virginia colony was suffering from economic challenges that directly affected the English manufacturers and workers, prices of tobaccos were declining, heavy economic competitions from Maryland and Carolinas, as well as the restrictions against the English market was increasing. All of these problems forced Bacon, who was a known troublemaker, to lead the war against the government and its Indian allies.

Outcomes and Significance of Rebellion

After a successful war against Virginia governor and his allies, Nathaniel Bacon led the governance of Virginia along with his people, but it did not last that long. Bacon suffered from illness and died, his people fled and were scattered in the forests while Governor Sir William Berkeley retained his power back and seized everything from rebels' possession.

Berkeley also executed 23 rebels including former Governor Drummond without trials; these acts were investigated and came into King Charles II's knowledge, which became the reason that Berkeley's was relieved from his position. It was the primary rebellion within the American Colonies during which the frontiersmen took their part. Also, it hastened the hardening of racial lines addressing slavery, as a result of this rebellion concerned each black and white servants that troubled the ruling class.


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