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Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:48
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The previous software at allowed developers to choose which projects they considered as priority objectives for the company. This system led to some projects being ignored and those that were really of high priority not being completed on time, simply because the developers did not consider them as important. The project requirements in the previous software were not fixed, and so developers could deviate from original objectives. Whereas this was fine in promoting innovation, it could lead to low customer satisfaction if the clients feel their wishes are not been met.
The new software development process uses an agile approach to ensure that activities undertaken by developers align with the firm’s objectives (Wallace 374). The process has fixed sprints, which mean that there are specific deadlines for each project and its phases. This helps to ensure that projects are delivered on time, and that project requirements are followed. The new system, Scrum, necessitates the need for accuracy during the software development process. This is because once a developer submits a project, he or she cannot correct it until after two weeks; hence, the final product uploaded has to be perfect.
The need for a cultural change at is imperative to accommodate adjustments made in the software development process. A principal cultural change would be the developers understanding they are invaluable parts of a system and not autonomous entities. This will help reduce sub-optimality and ensure that each developer considers his or her work as success contributor to projects by other developers. Scrum will also require improvement in discipline for it to be successful. The managers should respect schedules set for various projects they undertake.
Developers and other stakeholders may not like that the new system is not keen on encouraging innovation but rather on compliance with deadlines and policies. In the software industry, innovation sets an organization apart, and so why it is imperative for The executives can conduct periodical training sessions to show points in the software development process that they can introduce new ideas for innovation purposes.
Works Cited
Wallace, Patricia. Information Systems in Organizations: People, Processes and Technology. London: PH Professional Publishers, 2013. Print.

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