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Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:20
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The article reports on a Cessna 525A jet accident. At the time of the accident, the jet was found with four bodies’ two men and two women whose identities could be immediately established. Charles Muttillo vice president of Morley builders of Santa Monica issue a statement stating that the jet was ferrying Mark Benjamin, CEO of Santa Monica-based Morley Construction, and his son, Luke Benjamin, a senior project manager with the company, and two other occupants from Hailey Idaho to Santa Monica California. The pilot did not report any mechanical trouble prior to landing and there was no any communication from the pilot indicating any trouble with the plane for any part during the flight. Benjamin typically piloted the plane, ordinarily but there was no communication indicating that he had been the one in control at this particular day. According to Mc Kenny, the pilot veered off the right side of the runway and as he continued down, the turn got sharper and sharper. The plane subsequently crashed into a row of five connected hangers and caught fire. The fire crew, despite their proximity to the crash site, the hangar collapsed and was too unstable for firefighters to enter Captain John Nevandro of the Santa Monica Fire Department.
According to the article, the crash was un- survivable while its cause remains a mystery. The occupants of the plane are influential people in the town of Santa Monica being the owners of a big construction company. The lack of any communication from the pilot indicating any mechanical problem during the flight or just before the crash casts doubts as to the cause being mechanical or human. Benjamin, being a regular to flying between the two cities, is an experienced pilot. However, on this occasion, the identity of the pilot is not clear and it might have been Lucas, with an unknown prior flying experience thus causing the accident.

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