Automatic Clothes Folding Machine Venture Business Plan Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:06
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A venture to create an automatic clothes-folding machine can have an economic impact by generating value to stakeholders, generate revenue, create jobs, as well as have other financial returns. By actively engaging with stakeholder, the venture can seek suggestions and feedback, and to the possible extent, integrate those suggestions into decision-making, which result in value addition. The venture can design training/coaching service for extra revenue generation. Organize free workshops to get everyone on board with the ultimate goal of generating revenue. Besides, revenue can be generated by becoming an affiliate with other services and products customers need. If the services or products are a good fit for clients, the firm receives a commission if they are purchased. This helps in diversifying income and provides extra cash flow at no cost. The firm can run a cross promotion as well as delivering marketing messages to customers in an effort to generate revenue.
The venture can create jobs by developing a career plan, which is future focusing as well as detailing what workers would like to contribute or learn. In the plan, it is significant for workers to consider organizational and departmental needs, goals, and objectives when designing career plan. The career plan should give feedback from the manager, subordinates, as well as customers.
The venture of automatic clothes folding machine have many social impact or can address challenges in communities, healthcare, the environment, or other societal arenas. The venture may empower youths to be agents of social change. Through seeking project ideas from youths and financing viable ideas, the firm can instill the social responsibility values, the significance of community welfare, as well as the spirit of self-employment.

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