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Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:10
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The world’s population is on an alarming increasing trend. Pressure on the available natural resources threatens the very source of life of humankind in the present and even worse for the future generations. Everyone is competing for whatever the inadequate resources that nature has provided, and degradation is the fierce reality from such overuse of natural resources. Admittedly, it is a responsibility for everyone to protect the environment.
The article review discusses about anthropogenic degradation, which occurs due to increased pressure on natural resources because of population explosion. The review serves as a revelation to all people who neglect the future survival of humanity .logically, the author analyses ancient events where humankind was forced to find alternative means of survival upon being faced with tricky situations (Moran 22). In the article, a good example of how the hunters were forced to venture into agriculture following the increase in demand for meat with no increase in natural supplies is given.
Article Citing the Review
Because of its importance, several articles that entail discussions on environmental conservation cite this piece of work. One of the such articles, as noted, is a scholarly work title Environment Conservation by Darity (2008).It talks about the amount of degradation that has occurred through environmental and anthropogenic factors that limit the availability of natural resources. Variations of provision of basic human needs and increased competition on different aspects in the world are alarming. The article, in addition, analyses ancient events and the sequence of changes in the climate that has forced the people to make several adaptive changes to survive in the new environment. Environmental conservation is the responsibility of everyone, and that means that alternative means of survival should be adapted for the present living without compromising the ability of the future generations to live a comfortable life as well.
Significance of the Paper
The paper is pertinent as a study material or reference source because it address a significant and current issue. The writer manages to convey the message successfully through use of simple language with well-structured sentences. The points follow each other in a logical order, and special emphasis is put on the problem addressed. Such systematic presentations leave the reader nostalgic to learn more and even develop an urge to observe on the ground.
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