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Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:09
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Background information
This article focuses on the efforts made in the freeing of Africa from colonial rule. Leaders from three continents, namely Africa, Europe and North America met over six times during this period to discuss the situation of Africa liberation and strategies to be adopted in the course of Africa’s liberation. The article also discusses the goals and strides that have been made and achieved by Pan Africa Congresses, as well as assesses the impact made on Africa in general.
The Pan-African congresses, 1900-1945
Saheed Adejumobi
The main players in the article are the leaders of the Pan African movement, namely delegates who played an active role in the movement, such as the West Indian Barrister, Henry Sylvester-Williams, W.E. B. Dubois, a well known black American intellectual amongst others.
The people of Africa were the most affected group in the events detailed in the article. The Pan-African movement aimed to liberate Africa from destructive practices such as racism and slavery that had destroyed a lot of African lives.
The main point of the article is to discuss the history of the Pan African movement and the goals and milestones achieved to date.
The article occurred in the Black Past Organization in 2001 and used the sources of historians to discuss the topic at hand.
The importance of the article is rooted on the historical aspect of Africa colonization in the past, as well as the scramble of African resources. The scramble for Africa is an important historical event that set precedence on the liberation of Africa and her people.
Personally, I think the article addresses the topic in a detailed and accurate manner and communicates the message in an easily comprehensible manner. I also agree with the thoughts presented by the writer as his facts are based on actual information. The outcomes of the events are also well detailed and comprise of reliable facts.

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