Article Review On Digital Democracy

Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:11
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Digital Democracy (DD) authorizes disregarded societies to use technology to preserve their human rights, and the values, education and culture become an essential part in Digital Democracy as every person is conferred with the power of ideas. In my opinion, DD changes and re-invents itself, develops and pulls back as the political environment heats and cools off to its guidelines. Though America is ranked number 15 globally in adopting internet technologies, I truly believe that Internet is democratizing American politics, as Americans are eager to get involved in online participation for politics, governance and democracy.
As mentioned by , the people using blogs for civic engagement are more active in traditional realms of political and nonpolitical participation than other internet users. I understand that the political websites mobilize inactive citizens to make the public sphere more inclusive as the National Academy of Public Administration assists the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board to build a durable, problem solving online community, where citizens participate contribute their ideas. Though it is challenging to build durable engaged communities that support joint effort between government and citizens, the government still relies on citizens to find solutions to the problems.
For a transparent and accountable government, I consider connecting with the public institutions as a good option, as these institutions provide wide online content of public interest containing drafts of course of action documents and legislative acts, which help the policy makers in decision-making. In my view, dependence on technology for information may not lead to focus on an individual’s belief, as the drive to make the democracy alive is more important than the person’s belief. Online technologies offer tracking and measuring public engagement, helps citizens to take part, and internet must be used to its potential to achieve this task.
Meskell, D. (2009). Engaging Citizens in Government. U.S. General Services Administration, Intergovernmental Solutions Division. GSA. Retrieved October 2014

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