Art And Human Values Course Work Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:24
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Dissanayake portrays art as an expression of human creative skills and imagination that produces works that are appreciated for their beauty and emotional power.

Through its artistic creation, art has been used to represent the human experiences across the universe. This is because through art, artists can express their thought and feelings that seemed hard to express in other ways. Through expression of art, information and the experiences in life are passed from one generation to another. In order to understand forms of art from different culture, it calls for understanding of life.

Modern artists are transforming the ancient forms of art to the present with the aim of creating meaning out of the experiences they are undergoing in the present days. This shows the trend in the development of art, whereby each generation tries to change the works of art and setting their own. As much as the artists introduce their new forms of art, the former should be accounted for. This is because the young learners will require it to learn about the cultures if the past and the experiences of the people who lived in the ancient days.

Art has been presented as a mirror that reflects the life, experiences, and interests of a person in the society. Artists in their works portray the behavior of a certain generation and their significance in life. New works of art should be introduced but the previous one should not be discarded.

I think this is important because it can be used to write the history of a certain group of people and their community. Art has also been used in religion whereby the meanings of verses have been thought to mean differently from their literal meaning. Art has been used to paint and decorate the real texts so that they can pleasure the reader of the texts. The works of art have been used to give warnings to things that artists found difficult to

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