Are Humans Animals Argumentative Essay

Published: 2021-06-21 23:38:41
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According to the MacMillan dictionary, an animal is “any living thing that is not human.” Accepting this definition as fact, there should be no debate whether or not humans are animals; as I argue this fact I will present further proof that at no time since the world exists humans were ever animals.
The fact that many scientists refused to accept the Bible as authentic, has caused many debates about humans’ origin. Many scientists believe that humans are an evolvement from a one cell organism and over many millions years of changing they finally become human. The more scientists try to prove their theory is the less they prove it. "It may seem ridiculous for science to have been talking about humans and prehumans and protohumans for more than a century without ever nailing down what a human was” (Menton, 1988). If man were several evolutionary process, then scientists should be able to pinpoint the animal’s evolution into human, what and when will the next development be, and why the metamorphism of man’s next stage has not yet began. Scientists must find more authentic proof and be in accordance with their facts if they are going to prove their hypothesis.
The only writing that has withstood the test of time is the Bible. The scientists have already lost their argument, how do they explain man’s jump from ape to man after they spent millions of years becoming an ape. “The question is not that of progressive order in the creation as a whole, but of the development of superior species from inferior by mere natural laws,--and especially the development of man from animals next below him in the scale of life “ (Thompson 1870). One does not even have to be a Christian to accept the biblical facts of creation because so far creation is the most credible and logical argument. No power could allow life on planet earth other than the omniscience God who knows that human would need air, water, and food to survive. All the things that are provided on this earth for human comfort could never be a mishap; and scientist can test their hypothesis forever, they will never find an explanation more logical or accurate than the Genesis story, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).
Scientist are like a stubborn child, you tell him that the ants will bite and he refuses to believe, to prove his point, he stands in the ant hill and when the ants begin to bite he suffers rather than admit defeat. If man were not created how do scientist account for the different races? Scientists would like to convince everyone that man’s existence on earth is chance, that evolution could have taken a different turn; if this were true how did a chance encounter produce bodies that are made the same, function the same, and more importantly, why man cannot survive with the heart of an ape, considering that apes are our fore parents. Dr. Werner Gitt says; “Primeval soup, primitive slime, primeval cell; single-celled organisms then became multi-cellular: worms, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, primitive primates, apes, ape-men, hominids, man” (2012). This is his mythical description of man’s appearance on earth. Can Dr. Gitt explain to his readers where and how did the slush get to earth, and are we going to wake up one morning and discover that our pet dog has turned into human? Before the flood the Bible says that God regretted that he made man when he looked at their wickedness. God must be very displeased as he watches man travestied his creation.
There is no other theory for man’s existence than the facts of the Bible that man was created in God’s image; he created a world that would provide for man the utmost comfort and one day he will destroy sin and return the earth and man to their original beauty.
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