Applying As A Transfer International Student Personal Statement Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:33
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I have always had an interest in technology and computing. For this reason, I try to keep myself aware of the latest technological advancements. This fascination for technology made me attend Louisiana Tech University (USA) for the attainment of my graduation degree. Currently, I am attending University of Utah (USA) with good standing.
As a Saudi Arabian national, I am interested to apply as an international transfer student in Wentworth Institute of Technology. The major reason is that I want to reunite with my family member, currently living in Boston, MA. Furthermore, I want to enroll in a program that is challenging but less stressful. I have made every possible effort to achieve excellence in academics as well as other non-academic disciplines. I am seeking to attain a standpoint that will let me understand the technological world. Moreover, I am also willing to put in my knowledge and understanding of the technological matters. After getting transferred, I am looking forward to enrich my life and get myself prepared for a satisfying career. I am sure I would receive plentiful opportunities to grow at Wentworth. The technology program offered at this institute perfectly goes with my educational interests and professional aspirations.
Furthermore, my fluency in English and knowledge of Computer Software (Maple, Matlab, C++, Solidworks, and MOffice would allow me to successfully accomplish my long term goal i.e. PhD. Being an extremely resolute and energetic individual, I strive hard to achieve my set goals. I am also anticipating meeting compatible people at the Institute. I also desire to grab the opportunity of participating in the broad range of societies and activities offered. I am expecting to pursue a profession in the Technology and Computing industry. I believe I would be able to expand my perception by becoming a student of an excellent university in a new country.

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