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Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:25
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Program of Study:
My Application, Personal Statement and Responses for Library Services’ Band 4 Position
(Competitive Career Program)
- Why I'd like to be in the Career Program, and how being in the Program would help me contribute to Library Services
The world of library programs and services is constantly evolving. Our knowledge and learning institutions need highly proficient leaders from top caliber schools, such as from the NAME OF SCHOOL. With the pressing challenges that confront us on a global scale, highly competent library personnel keep on integrating both theoretical academic knowledge and practical specialist skills to solve difficult problems. The relevant knowledge and skills that I acquired through various placements or previous qualifications inspired me to become a library team leader. For my dream to come true, first, I need to complete the Band 4 Career Program. I need the required theoretical knowledge and practical skills. I also need to learn more complex duties as I support my team leader and team members. While completing this program, I will have the chance to meet different people in various libraries and their networks. Doing this program will give me more understanding on how BCC (please spell this out) Library Services operate. I believe that completing this program will allow me to learn more about leading and supervising staff in library system, and when opportunity knocks or when a Band 4 position becomes available, I will be in position to take on an acting position.
2. My Professional Development Background and Current Work
Concerning my professional developments, I have always been in team leadership role, as well as, business and customer support services. Other factors that are in my favour to succeed in this Career Program include my clear set of priorities and exceptional time management skills. My knowledge of library services, products and collections is growing in strength each day that I work in the library. Recently, I was transferred to another conducive work environment at the Sandgate Library. In some library, my tasks are mixed-off duties between Band 1 and Band 3. I want to take on higher tasks, but I am aware that to be able to step in higher duties, I need to be in Band 4 progressing program to gain the necessary practical experience. Nonetheless, I know that all my work experiences and professional developments have continuously prepared me for more productive and fulfilling tasks in the future.
3. My Current Study Qualification
With post-graduate and diploma backgrounds in library and information service, justice and administration, government management, and business management, as well as, completion of the TAE (please spell this out) Certification IV in Training and Assessment, I also felt the need to continue with my professional growth by taking up a PhD in Library Management. Immediately, after I earned my Master in Library Services at the NAME OF SCHOOL on October 2014, without hesitation, I will enroll in the said doctoral program. In a span of less than five years, I believe to have already obtained the degree. Given ABBREVIATED NAME OF SCHOOL’s excellent graduate school standard, even when I only plan as of the moment to study on a part time basis, I will do my best to complete successfully my coursework each semester. My goals for applying for the doctoral degree program is to explore and acquire as many theoretical knowledge and useful experiences as I can during my life as a graduate student-innovator.
4. My Future Plans
Aside from the highest competitive position a doctorate would open up for me in the future, it would also definitely broaden my specialist know-how in library services. Moreover, it will help me to become better equipped as I understand more the expanding technological horizon of library programs and services. Hence, I strongly believe that successfully completing the Library Services’ Band 4 Competitive Career Program is just another open door of opportunities that would allow me to learn more about leading effectively and supervising efficiently staff in the library system. Thus, it fits in more with my aforementioned career plans and motivations because I am an ambitious, visionary, highly adaptable, dependable, flexible, persevering, and hardworking person.
Thank you for your time reading my personal statement. More wonderful days ahead!

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