Annotated Bibliography On Ecological Problems

Published: 2021-06-21 23:37:25
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The term “ecological problems” is nowadays used to define a number of environmental problems. Given the modern environmental mess and the truth that the world has many environmental problems than before, it is no surprise that a lot of emphasis is actually put at this negative ecological context. This is the reason why no difference exists between ecological and environmental problems in everyday talk. Environmental problems are also ecological problems since environment is essentially a center of all the ecological research. All sorts of pollution, climate change, endangered animals, deforestation, are all problems of ecology since ecology uses the scientific approach to discover the potential solutions.

On the other hand, ecological innovations are all measures taken by the relevant actors including unions, firms, politicians, private households and others that develop new behavior, ideas, processes and products, introduce or apply them and that contribute to the ecologically specified sustainability targets or to a reduction of the environmental problems. Various authors have written articles about ecological problems and innovations. For that reason, this paper focuses on the annotated bibliography of two articles one about ecological problems and the other one about ecological innovations. The following is the annotated bibliography of the two articles;

Chang, Kenneth. "Global Warming’s Impact and Germs That Induce Thinness." The New York Times 9 Sept. 2013: D3. Print.

Chang begins by informing us that the moon has a thin atmosphere. This source reports that NASA is actually spending more dollars to study it and that scientists on earth have reported that the global warming is changing both weather and climate. The article talks about climate, biology, space, cognitive science, and rocketry. Regarding the climate, the author talks about the greenhouse weather where the increasing global warming that is propelled in part by the carbon dioxide released by burning fossil fuels is actually expected to shake up weather. Thus, according to this source, the shakeup of weather is partly contributed by the human activity. Concerning the Biology, Chang differentiates between fat germs and thin germs where he concludes that change in diet can cause bacteria from thin twin to crowd out bacteria from fat twin and vice versa. The author goes further and talks about looking for the moon dust under the subheading, space. According to him, scientists are essentially interested in how the dust is lifted off lunar surface as well as moved about.
This source directly talks about the ecological problems. Therefore, it is relevant for the research since it provides first-hand information about ecological problems such as climate change, endangered species, among others and various problems associated with them.

Bornstein, David. "Crowdfunding Clean Energy." The New York Times 6 Mar. 2013: D5. Print.

This is an article written by David Bornstein. This author starts by posing a question to the readers; the question is about how individuals can do to help solve the ecological problem of global warming. He suggests a new approach of dealing with this problem that is to directly finance the renewable energy. To show the usefulness of this approach, he narrates how a company by the name Mosaic introduced crowd-funding platform, which makes it possible for the small, non-accredited investors earn interest financing unpolluted energy projects. The source shows the advantage of Crowdfunding clean energy as this helps in reducing the global warming.

This source is all about ecological innovations because the author’s ideas will help in reducing the environmental problem of global warming. Consequently, this is a source that I find very vital in the research because it is about the ecological innovations.

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