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Published: 2021-06-21 23:43:36
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Education is an important aspect of life; it is difficult for a person to experience the variability of life without education. In ancient times, attaining education was way different compared to today’s traditional education. At present most of the people use university or collage libraries in order to enhance their knowledge and skills (Torres, 2013). It was too difficult for the people of primordial times to carry heavy books since they travelled long distance one city to another.
In the 21st century, we have different options to read, write, and learn regardless with the consideration of place, time, etc. Nowadays, it is possible to appear in exam from home with the assistance of internet and tablet PC. Universities in different countries provide online education programs to educate people all over the world (Jones, 2006). Reading and learning material is provided from emails or university portal and student can access important files at any time. Student can search any topic on search engine and it will provide results according to the key word used by the student.
Portal is basically the connection medium that interlinked two diverse locations. Video streaming from web portal is a blessing for adult students. With the help of web streaming students can watch their pre-recorded lectures and also get lectures online all over the world (Jarvis, 2013). It provides videos of different researches and experiments that help the students to make their own project from the concept applied in video. In other words, streaming digital media adds value in teaching.
In our time, it is necessary for adults to get rid of traditional educational method and utilize the technological novelty to compete with the modern world (Jarvis, 2013). Most of the people are not well aware about the advancement of technology in the field of education and literacy. Computer and technical edification course may help these people to improve their expertise. It introduces adults with the contemporary machinery and equipment used for erudition. It provides the knowledge of extracting learning material from search engine on their smart phones, laptops, and tablets.
It is the fact that most of the teachers are not well aware of technological innovation because they belong to old traditional education system and in that system books were the most valuable source of information (Jarvis, 2013). Nowadays, most of the lecturers guide students to follow book rather than other materials available on different sources. They have limited education or only know about the concept provided in book they read in their educational career few years ago. Most of the Asian countries follow this trend of old education system but with the emergence of scientific modernization most of the countries reject this method and exploring new dimensions in the field of education.
The connection of adults with the recent technological improvement is necessary to adopt recent educational techniques. It is necessary for the students to share innovative information or recent researches with their teachers and lecturers in order to explore useful and current information (Torres, 2013). It is the responsibility of educational institutes to update their staff and curriculum according the requirements of the modern world.
Digital environment includes the audio, video, and reading or learning material available on internet. It is necessary for adult students to evaluate the accuracy, readability and information quality available in the digital environment (Institute of Education Sciences, 2007). Digital media is open for all and anyone can access and get desired information or data from different sources. It is necessary for an adult to extract information from the most reliable source because most of the sites have the option of “edit” like Wikipedia and anyone can edit the information that makes the information non reliable (Jarvis, 2013). Social networking sites are playing an important role in the field of digital media. Adults should avoid adding fake pages or accounts in their profiles because the material on these pages is usually not reliable.
The advancement in modern technology makes life easy and stress free. These advancements also add value in the field of education and learning. In this world, every human has a right to live the life with all luxuries. Conventional learning methods have become outmoded with the emergence of different technologies which makes the process of learning uncomplicated. Nowadays, it is necessary for all adults’ student and teachers to adopt present learning techniques in order to compete with the human race.
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