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Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:36
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UC Application #2
Irrespective of what the scriptures prescribed, making judgments seems so common to many of us. Would you judge a person based preference to solitude instead of other people’s company? Perhaps you may claim that would not, but that is exactly what happens often in today’s world. Some people cannot comprehend, much less appreciate, that silence, meditation, and reflection can be just as invigorating, if not more, as the party or social gathering of loud screams and voices.
In an age where extroverts are extolled for their vibrancy and affable character, introverts tend to receive the well-known short end of the stick. However, introverts are no less important in the social scene or world matters simply because they can contribute in different ways with their deep thinking. The proverbial dinner table would not be quite appetizing without the invaluable goodies from introverts.
For conversations, introverts can bring a certain level of depth with their observations, speech, and behavior, thanks to their innate ability to hear and listen intently. For some people, listening has become somewhat of a lost art these days—people frequently speak their minds without bothering to hear, let alone understand, what others are conveying to them. Being taciturn and thoughtful, introverts are adept at navigating conversations by real listening. They seem to do this very well and more with silent mind.
I have been practicing silence, certainly not in anger or protest, with my own friends and family members. Some may view me as strange because I do not blabber talk or express myself as loudly as they want me to. Nevertheless, most friends and family admit that I can conjure up unusually sharp insights because I have the ability to understand their point of view.
Furthermore, introverts tend to think a lot and ponder ideas from various angles and perspectives. Their natural listening skills permit them to absorb and accept many perspectives with minimal judgment. Without render and pondering over judgment allows introverts to sift between personal truth and the real truth. They come to understand how people see the world and how they can best relate to them.
As one might expect, cohabiting with a family of extroverts has presented me with abounding opportunities to pick out contrasting points of view. I can come to a clear understanding of nearly any person if I am given the time to observe and listen in silence to that person. Silent listening makes me think through their perspective. The silent listening has led me to a number of very interesting discussions since people tend to respond positively to being heard and understood.
Introverts tend to collect new or old ideas, organize the concepts internally, and then turn those ideas into something that is uniquely theirs. They are able to do this because introverts are just as capable of listening to and understanding themselves just as they do with any other person. They can direct their listening skills and acceptance inward and come up with very profound insights if given the opportunity. Overall, they open themselves up to greater growth as people.
When I was younger, I often played with Lego sets. I spent time learning the structures and the instructions that came with them only to eschew the latter later on in favor of doing something out of the norm, but creative. I now do the same with work, relationships, and observations. I can think out of the box that way. By the way, I can also think as if there is no box.
Being an introvert is nowhere near as strange or as "dysfunctional" as certain people make it out to be. Robert Greene said, "Sweet are the thoughts that savor of content, the quiet mind is richer than a crown”. That is what introverts do best. I take this richness with me to every single experience and encounter that I go through. It is part of what makes me, who I am, and what I cherish. You bet I take great joy in it.

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