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Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:26
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There are personal and professional experiences that hone one’s character. I have encountered various challenges which strengthened one’s skills and advanced knowledge about life. A professional experience that contributed to the person that I have become is waiting on tables at an upscale restaurant in my hometown. The basic responsibilities were not easy. I have to juggle between serving the clients in the most efficient and accurate manner, while attending to mundane activities. I never thought that there should be keen attentiveness on endeavors such as dropping a check at one table, pouring more coffee at another, and getting orange juice to a third. Without losing my focus, I am expected to exude a perfectly cordial and positively sunny disposition at all times.
The experience, in conjunction with the development of the skills, definitely made me proud. The daily challenges serving clients from diverse demographic backgrounds enabled strengthening my resilience to address adversities. I remembered one instance when a client complained to the manager that I messed serving her meal. She insisted that I delivered the meal ordered by her son. To her, the mix up was unforgiveable. To appease her and pay for the inconvenience, my manager consented to the demand that her meal and that of her family, be considered free – at my expense. The incident did not erode my self-composure and work ethics. I adhered to the policy that the customer is always right.
The ability to retain my self-composure made me acknowledge that I have surpassed my immature thinking. I affirmed transformation to becoming a goal-oriented person – attuned to focusing on long-term professional goals. The training received enabled focusing on the big picture more than the instant satisfaction of proving a customer wrong. With the narrated experience, the initial impulse was to shout at the top of my lungs at insist that her demands were unjustified. In its simplicity, all she had to do was switch plates with her son. The experience taught me that there are positive aspects that could be deduced from a challenging situation.
The behavior marked a huge change in one’s mindset. For most of my life, current situations were paramount than the future. While I still believe that it is important to live each day to the fullest, I confirmed that planning to fulfill future goals are more pertinent. Overall, whether the endeavor entails waiting on tables, venturing into stock investments, or making family decisions, I now evaluate the larger ramification as best as I can. When I see someone like that irate woman demanding a free meal at the expense of others, I pity her. I know now that I have the ability to reflect and think; then, act like a mature, responsible, and analytical adult.

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