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Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:32
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2) What are your short and long term career objectives? What skills/characteristics do you already have that will help you to achieve them? What do you hope to gain from the degree and how do you feel it will help you achieve the career objectives you have? (please do not exceed 500 words)
After graduating with my Master’s in Business Administration, I intend to utilize my skills and experience at a global private equity firm such as Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan. I hope to acquire a role in the realm of mergers and acquisitions and business development. Considering that my experience has solely been in the energy sector, I would like to explore avenues within this sphere. Another possible career path would be as a business development manager for emerging markets for a multinational enterprise. Continuing my education post graduation is also high on my list of goals. After completing my MBA, I plan to work towards a Master’s in Finance and a CFA charter. At their core, all of these goals revolve around my ambition to expand my horizons, build a strong business network, and bring my passion for leadership and innovation to the realm of business.
Growing up in Houston, Texas, the energy Mecca of the United States, and graduating from Texas A&M University, the energy sector has been the focus on my academic and professional development thus far. I appreciate the boons that this industry has to offer: jobs are abundant and offer high remuneration. In times of economic crisis, the industry remains fairly stable and does not experience widespread job cuts when compared to others. During my tenure at GDF Suez, I have focused on expanding my knowledge of the energy industry and of business as whole, especially in terms of global energy concerns. The rotational program to which I was hired as well as the ease of movement between various business units allowed me to experience various aspects of business including accounting, purchasing, risk, and trading. Though I enjoy my work in the energy industry, I have been increasingly drawn towards private equity. At this point in my career, obtaining an MBA from Cambridge will empower me with the academic knowledge and international exposure required to explore new career horizons.
While I have some experience with purchasing and development from my work at GDF Suez, I expect that an MBA from Cambridge will give me the foundational knowledge to increase my skills and find new opportunities. I have held many positions in the energy industry, and I know that this experience will prove to be highly beneficial in any field that I place myself in. Attending Cambridge would open several avenues in international business and empower me to make many new and exciting connections while learning about international business from people who know it first-hand. Access to reliable sources of energy is something many are not privileged to have, and in a growing, interconnected world, reliable electricity is a necessity. I firmly beleive that I could use my skills and experience to make a difference in this field; not just in the business world, but in the daily lives of people all around the world.

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