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Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:23
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I am xxx, 18 years of age from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Achieving the highest education scales has always been the motivation to my life. This has seen me through various schools for variant academic achievements.
Having brought up in the UAE, I began my primary education at Aldahmaa Model School in Abu Dhabi. This was the beginning of achievement of big academic dreams that I have always had in mind. I knew for me to make it to the most renowned universities in the world I needed to perform exemplary well in high school. This motivated me to work hard making me acquire 88.2 points in my high school final exam.
It was my dream that I would one day study in the United States of America. However, my dream came true when I got my first application accepted in Boston University. I am still a student in the University studying English Program. Following my outstanding performance in High School, I became one of the few beneficiaries of scholarships from Abu Dhabi Education Council.
Apart from studying, I engage myself in co-curricular activities such as playing soccer and working out. These activities keep me refreshed, and I find it easy to handle academic pressure. Also, these skills are relevant in lifting the spirit of my schools in various competitions. Also, I believe in hard work, honest and proper time management.
Following the summarized information about me, I hereby request for your consideration of my application as a student in your university for a degree in finance. I cannot wait to celebrate with you as I join your excellent academic environment.

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