Academic Strategies For Business Professionals Course Work

Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:42
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This course is quite hands on as far as tangible, practical, academic and career success are concerned. It has been very instrumental in my development in both academics as well as my future demographics. It has equipped me with the ability to formulate a realistic working plan, come up with tangible success strategies and self-evaluation strategies that are bias free and enable me to assess myself with high degrees of honesty and sincerity. I am now equipped with adequate reading skills and writing skills, which are pivotal for my academic success as well as the necessary academic etiquette necessary to achieve my academic goals.

Entry into the world of business requires wit, strategy, planning and detailed analysis of the options available. It also requires goals for what the entrant would like to achieve. This course explains the concept of setting goals in exhaustive detail. Whether it is a private business venture or formal business employment goals play a pivotal role and could mean the difference between profound success and untimely doom. Setting goals enables deep evaluation of self and spells out what needs to be done to reach a certain required level. Setting of goals also serves as a roadmap on which steps to take and which trend to follow in order to achieve a certain objective. The importance of goals in the business world cannot be understated or emphasized enough, as each business venture must have objectives and a timeline for achieving these objectives.

This course presents very useful and strategic, almost surgical, information for the ultimate pursuit of academic success as well as attainment of long term career goals. The concept of a career action plan, correctly blended with innovative creativity, can help in propulsion much higher up the career ladder. The action plan involves clarity on the present, a vision of the desired future, a strategy on how to achieve the desired future and a clear understanding of what needs to be done and what steps need to me taken to achieve that desired future.

Armed with these strategies achievement of both academic success and long term career goals seems eminent. One can be creative and clearly establish their long-term career goals for example establishment of a massive fast foods franchise with a global appeal. This would require extensive managerial skills and a vast knowledge of virtually every cuisine available. This knowledge can be helpful in knowing which academic paths to pursue and what steps to take to achieve that specific career goal.


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