Academic Interests On Marketing With A Focus On Digital Media Research Proposal Samples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:51:21
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Marketing department is known as one of the most important departments for an entity, as it directly relates with the flow of funds and analysis of marketing techniques particularly. There are certain aspects that associated with the marketing department and its utilization. In the current world of technology, the mean and method of marketing has changed considerably. On one hand, where internet brings cost efficiency for the organization, it also brings efficiency in advertising the products or makes the products available for the customers easily (Hemann, 2013).
In order to have effectiveness, organizations always try to be proactive in their approach as it is the only thing that emerged as a competitive advantage or an edge for them. In terms of providing competitive advantages, the name of marketing and digital marketing arrives positively across the globe. Digital marketing is a branch of marketing that consists on the technology of internet. It usually consists of doing marketing by utilizing and implementing the technology (Hemann, 2013). Social media networking is one of the dominating types of digital marketing that emerged tremendously well during the current economic cycle. The utilization of social marketing has elevated during the current global financial crisis (GFC) in which most of the companies went towards cost efficiency after slashing hundreds of jobs (Ryan and Jones, 2009).
Organizations have to be in regular connection and interaction with the consumers because of having perfect competition and economies of scale. Being interactive in terms of educating the consumers about the products is the only method from which one company can have an added advantage over the others (Ryan and Jones, 2009). Digital marketing is one of those marketing strategies that not only cost cheaper for the companies, but it can bring positive and amazing results for the productivity of the corporations. Social media marketing is one of the dominating trends of digital marketing, which is cost effective and extremely beneficial as well, because most of the educating people are on these networks from which they can educate their consumers accordingly.
Apart from the social media marketing, content marketing and mobile marketing are some of the dominating trends that specifically reflect under the net of digital marketing. Through content marketing, organizations can define and describe about their products and their characteristics on the internet, on some of the prescribed websites. It is again a cheap method of marketing, and organizations which are moving with cost efficiency would like to have content digital marketing for their existing and potential customers (Ryan and Jones, 2011). On the other hand, mobile marketing is yet another important part of the digital marketing, through which customers would be informed about the new products and launched products of the company, and what are some of the characteristics of the product. In mobile marketing, organizations would market their products by sending bulk Short messaging Services (SMS) on the mobile phones of the consumers. There is another type of bulk sending apart from the SMS, which is email (Ryan and Jones, 2011). Sending bulk email through email is known as Marketing Automation. Digital marketing also provide a platform to the consumers to register them in a social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) circle through which organizations can improve their products and their core marketing. Thus, it can be said that the current innovation in the field of marketing that known as Digital Marketing has now emerged as an effective tool for the organizations as far as gaining competitive advantage over its competitors, and now it is become a necessity for them. In order to bring betterment in such research critical awareness about the digital marketing is necessary along with read out different researches which have been conducted in the same ambit.
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