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Published: 2021-06-21 23:37:56
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Abortion is a process of terminating pregnancy by way of ejection or removal from the uterus of an embryo. It has raised endless debates on whether it should be legalized or not. To start with, abortion is the termination of life, despite the situation one goes through with the pregnancy; abortion should not be among the options to consider as the remedy. The right to life is very important in this context. Precisely, a three week-old fetus has much potential to develop into a human being and if granted the opportunity by the mother, then it cannot grow into a baby, it is that sad.
Abortion puts the life of the mother at great risk. There are numerous consequences for that, to start with, there are physical, psychological and medical effects that the mother faces. Abortion interferes with the normal functioning of the body, hormones, nerves and various cells that enable organs to function normally. Altering the functions of these vital organs leads to severe consequences where cells and hormones no longer function well due to hindrance and interference. Abortion leads to countless complications ranging from internal complications of psychological stress. No civilized society should permit this barbaric act.
Arguably, human life seemingly occurs at conception, so terminating the life of a creature that is more than a day old is murder. Fetuses are human beings and therefore women have no right whatsoever to point out and decide what happens to their bodies when the life of an infant is in question. Though the government can decide and dictate on the way forward, legal measures should be considered because choosing to terminate a life is against the law. If abortion was legal, thousands of women could end up end up with absurd and immoral repercussions including back-early abortions which could eventually lead to death. Although it is a personal decision, abortion entirely is an inhumane act and a silent killer that deteriorates moral values of the society.
Both physical and medical abortions have side effects. It is accompanied with serious medical complications with high risks of double chances of pelvic inflammatory disease and miscarriages. Seemingly, abortion is a way of punishing the innocent unborn child, a result that could have been avoided if the use of contraceptives was chosen early enough. From a medical background, abortion causes endless psychological effects and stress. It is a controversial issue whose side effects are way much dreadful such as severe bleeding in the brain, abnormal pain, nausea and camping and psychological distress. What follows after abortion is a series of predicaments including anger, grief, guilt and depression that haunts one for all their life.
As a way to ease some baggage, abortion does not really set one free instead; it causes more stress and emotional health problems which violate the feminist principles. From biblical teachings, human life is of much value and it’s different from any other type of life therefore terminating a sacred life is demoralizing and going against our creator’s wishes. It is therefore of paramount importance to shun abortion by all terms as it is a demoralizing killer act. As human beings, we all have a role to play in the society and one is guarding societal norms, believe and treasures that are very important. Abortion is not the option to go for no matter what the situation, it is much different from any other issue in our society today and very many people are suffering today from it. By all means abortion is wrong and it ought to be stopped.

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