Ability To Adapt In The Twenty-First Century Workplace Argumentative Essay Sample

Published: 2021-06-21 23:38:14
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Adaptability is the ability to change or get changed as an employee in order to fit the workplace better in case of some situation or for some reasons. Adaptability is an important trait that any 21st century employees should poses, bearing in mind many changes that do occur in the work place, it is very important for any employee who wants to succeed in his or her job to become adaptive so as to fit in any situation that is presented before him or her. There are several employees who cannot change their working conditions, they prefer quitting a job instead of changing from one place to another (Burke, 2006). It is hard for such employees to be able to become competitive in the era of change which is the 21st century. There are several benefits that accrue the ability to adapt to the changing job situations, they include; the ease of securing a job opportunity.
Many organizations today do not just employ people with work experience, they always look beyond that. In other words, the employers are very keen in the present times to employ those employees who will at the end be very flexible to the changing work environment (Pynes, 2013). They often look at an employee who will be able to mesh up with the culture of the organization. Adaptability also enables the employees to become productive. In most cases, when an employee best adapts to his or her present job, such an employee gets enough time and comfort to produce to the maximum unlike the employee who only fits the job description but has a difficulty to adapt to the present job. These among other benefits come as a result of ones adaptability to the workplace.
There are several adaptions that as a student eying a position in the changing world one would wish to make, time is one of the greatest adaptions that as a student one may make. Due to the changing nature of work, one can be called to task at any time of the day, and if one cannot be able to adapt to the change in time, it will be very hard to fit into such an organization (Landy, & Conte, 2010). Religious believes; there are several religious believes that are so rigid unto change. The ability to incorporate the organizations culture by doing some little modification will assist a student comfortably land on a job and fit perfectly in it. These among others are very important for any student eying a job in the 21st century.
Flexibility presents both benefits and challenges to the employees in the following ways; it helps employees to be able to grasp opportunities. Because employers need people who can change with the organization, they will always consider those with the ability to change enabling a flexible employees seize several opportunities (Burke, 2006). It however may be exploitative in nature to adapt to the changes of the organization. Employees who are ready and able to change get exploited by the organization because of their ability. They are given multiple tasks with little pay for their ability to adapt to the changes of the organization.
Adaptability can help one strike work/life balance. An employees would be able to strike the balance between work and social life due to flexibility. On the other hand, this form of adaptability may at times deprive a worker his or her social life, the ability to move with changing situations may at times pose a threat to social life as one will be too much into work abandoning social life that is also very important (Pynes, 2013). Finally, adaptability enables an employee to become responsive to change. For any success, one must realize that change is quite inevitable, adaptability therefore, enables one to embrace change without stress. All these show that, despite the fact that adaptability has its dark side, it is very profitable to an employees in the 21st century.
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