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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:58
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We meet many people in the journey of life but most of the times we do not take note of them. Some of the people we meet in life have the ability to change our lives considerably. However, when you meet a new person, you have the chance to make a new friend, a new partner, a new admirer, or a new enemy. Currently, I am a professional counselor. In my life, I have met various people, who have affected my life in various ways; however, the experience with one person who I coin the nickname the “golden stranger” remains in the memory of my strangers. The stranger is the reason for the red rope that hangs in a corner in my office. In reference to this encounter, I value that we do not appreciate the people we meet yet some encounters have the potential of changing our lives considerably.
Relationships are always good and for the young people, exploring all abilities of your partner is very beneficial. I was 19 years old when I met John way back in college. He was a handsome and well-mannered young man. Soft spoken as he was, he fitted the profile I had of a perfect lover. College life is never easy alone so I decided to splash my thoughts all over him. I asked him out for coffee and he accepted. I pursued a degree in economics while he studied nursing in the same university. At the coffee table, I told him how strange I felt when I met him along the paths. It felt bad because the feeling became even stranger as I spoke.
Me: John, I think there is some strange link between the two of us.
John: What is that supposed to mean?
Me: Have you loved someone before?
John: Yes, but we broke up because she travelled to live with her family abroad.
Me: I think am in love with you.
Deafening silence engulfed the table for sometime. I looked around for any movements that could break the silence but none came on. I continued and told him that I was ready to sacrifice time to be with him. He asked for time to think about the whole issue, but I felt that soon I would get a lovebird. As expected, it did not take long before I received the life changing mail from John. “I do not know if this happened as a coincidence or a planned event. However, you ignited my heart and I love you pretty much,” stated the email. I was happy because I had captured my hunt. It was a good day in hunting though I rarely did the hunting. Little did I know that this was a turn in my life! A wrong turn it was, at least for that time.
He was a nice man, from a wealthy family. His father owned three companies in three different countries. In the first year, the love was fearful. None of us took the bold steps to go out and have fun, but this was not meant to last. We soon threw ourselves to the surface. Weekends allowed us to have time together swimming, playing in the arboretum, hiking, or just enjoying the company of each other. We went counseling together and later decided to make love to each other. What a wrong decision I made. In the pre-final year, I found out that I was pregnant for him. He was in disbelief and declined to be responsible. At home, my father became furious, threatening to throw me out of the house. However, my mother was considerate and defended me. Unluckily, she was accidentally shot as the police opened fire with a gang or robbers along the streets and she passed away. Life became even harder as I was to face my angry father without my defending mother.
“You either have to take an abortion and go back to school or leave my house,” he insisted. I sat down and thought and none of the two options was better. I had to take a step because a decision making time was with me. I devised a third option. With this experience, I felt that life had no meaning thus deciding to commit suicide. I wrote a letter to my father with the last paragraph saddening. “I have chosen the second option dad, I will leave the house. However, look out on the television, read newspapers, and listen to the radio for any news about me. Thank you for being a good dad, and when you lay mum to rest, do not spend all your money on her. Keep some because you have more work to do.” I went to an old building in the neighboring town where I decided to complete my fate. Soon after I had finished tying the rope to the roof and stood right in front of the hanging rope, I heard a voice that probably destroyed my golden departure plan.
“Don’t do that to yourself, Lora. You cannot kill yourself. I can help,” the stranger started
“How can you help me? I do not even know you. It is my decision. Let me do it. Please leave,” I said in tears.
“I won’t leave without you. I will allow you to take the rope with you so that if you feel my help is not sufficient, you can use it later,” he finished.
His name was Maurice. He took me to his house, a disorganized simple house in the neighboring town, and promised to take care of me until I delivered. After that, I would resume my economics classes. He explained to me that he separated with his wife because she insisted on giving their son money to facilitate an abortion to the son’s girlfriend, which he refused. It was surprising to note that we shared a story. After few months in her house, I delivered a baby girl. He left for his duties as was his routine but this time, he left his email open. I saw a mail come in and looked at the subject. It was my name. I decided to open the email knowing well that it was not the right thing to do. However, the news on the email fascinated me.
Maurice had applied for a scholarship for me while he had requested the organization to take care of my child as I was in class. I had four months to prepare for the journey. When he returned from work, I apologized for having opened the email, but to my surprise, he left it open intentionally so that he would surprise me with the news. In my studies, I decided to change my line and took counseling psychology. I developed passion in counseling because experience had taught me to serve the society and people in the state, as I was a year and a half back. That is how I became a counselor.
When I came for my first vacation, I decided to write my father an email that read, “Dear dad, I did not kill myself as I had planned. Someone saved me. I have now delivered a young beautiful daughter, your granddaughter, and got a scholarship to study in Scotland. I thank Maurice for his help and love you as my father. I will be home soon. Lora,” the mail ended. It was a day of surprises.
I also wrote John an email. “Good afternoon darling. I miss you so much. I delivered your daughter and now I live with a Good Samaritan called Maurice Karra. We live in street 16 apartment 54 door numbers 105. I hope to see you soon. Lora.” Surprisingly, the mail was delivered to the next room. What does this mean? Maurice was the father to John and he knew me pretty well even before the meeting. Truly, strangers can often turn to be angels.

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